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Spanish Curriculum Information



At Westonzoyland Primary School we aim to develop our students to their full potential and to give them a wide range of opportunities to help them thrive. We encourage them to be curious about the world around them. Since September 2022 we have taught Spanish as our Modern foreign language, using the programme Language Angels. We made this move from French as Spanish is exclusively taught at BCA and we wanted to best prepare our children for the next stage of their education.

Due to the phonetic structure, many find Spanish more easily accessible. As such we wanted to give our students the best opportunity to succeed in learning a second language. Learning Spanish is a great way to give children the skills they need to go on to learn other Latin based languages, such as Italian and French.




  • We use planning and resources from Language Angels.
  • Spanish is taught weekly for all children in Year 2 and upwards.
  • Year 1 children learn greetings in the summer term to give them a taste of the language.
  • Children produce written work in their Spanish books.
  • Children have and use personal knowledge organisers to support their learning.
  • Every classroom has a Spanish display board which is updated to reflect current learning.
  • Children are encouraged to use resources around them to support their learning.
  • Flashcards are provided to parents to encourage practise at home.
  • Children are encouraged to use Spanish in classrooms.
  • Various Spanish labels can be found in classrooms. These are different across the year groups to expand day to day vocabulary.
  • Fun games and songs help children to retain their knowledge.



Spanish lessons at Westonzoyland Primary School are lively and engaging. Children review previous knowledge at the start of every lesson through interactive games and songs. Teacher assessment is mostly based on assessing the children’s verbal skills through questioning and partner-based discussions. Children are encouraged to use their Spanish as often as they can to build confidence. Evidence can also be found in their Spanish books. They complete a mix of scaffolded work and independent written work. The subject leader regularly talks with children to assess their current knowledge, and their ability to support themselves with resources around them.