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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Our Governors

Welcome to our Governors' section. 

The Governing Body brings to the school and its children a variety of skills and interests. Governors usually serve a four year term and have responsibility for many aspects of the running of the school, for which training is given. As well as attending full Governing Body meetings once a term, each Governor also sits on set committees and liaises with linked staff.

The role of the Governing Body is to ensure that our school provides an effective education for our children and meets all the statutory requirements. This is a huge task and our governors are committed and hard working.

Karl Smallridge - Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

Why I became a School Governor

I felt strongly about getting to get to know the school my children were attending and wanted to be instrumental in moving the school forward in a positive direction. I wanted to give something back to the community, and what better way than supporting an institution that lies at the heart of it?  It's a great feeling knowing you're helping shape future generations.


What is my particular focus this year?

This year my main focus will be the continuing sustainable growth of our school, to improve on last year's results with quality first wave teaching and tighter standards.  My particular focus is on reading as this is a key area of development for the school.


Come and talk to me about…

Anything and everything, I love getting feedback from parents and children alike.  I believe it is only by understanding other people's view points we can grow as a school.



Tessa Hancock - Vice Chair, Parent Governor 

Why I became a School Governor

I love Westonzoyland Primary School. After both my children had started at the school, I then had some free time to give something back; I was keen to be involved in the school and its on-going development. I have worked at NatWest Bank for over 13 years, where I am a Senior Personal Banker. My role is to help my customers with their financial needs, this has given me great skills in being able to ask relevant questions to fully understand issues, which I feel is vital in the role of Governor as you are needed to be able to challenge appropriately and support the Head and Chair of Governors. It has also taught me how to be professional at all times and how to deal with difficult situations compassionately.


What is my particular focus this year?

This year I will be taking on the role as SEND ( special education needs and disabilities) Governor, where I will be the main like between governors and the school SEND Co-ordinator, Mrs Bell.   I will be supporting, monitoring and evaluating the schools implementation on the SEND policy and keeping SEND high on our agenda.


Come and talk to me and talk to me about…

What your child has enjoyed learning about and what they like about our school.



Tamra Mumby - Co-opted Governor

Why I became a school governor

I retired from full-time work in the education sector at the end of August 2018 and wanted to volunteer as a school governor where I could use my experience of working in education and my wider life experiences to support the continued success of a local school.  I have worked in education in a variety of roles and appreciate the strategic leadership role that a governing body provides. As a school leader, I had positive experiences of working with governors and now wish to be part of a dedicated team who support Westonzoyland Primary School and who act as a ‘critical friend’ as and when appropriate.


I believe that it is important for governors to engage with the school community by supporting activities and events. I am delighted to be accepted onto the governing body and will work to fulfill the role to the best of my ability. 


Come and talk to me about …

Any aspect of school life. As stakeholders in the school, the views of staff, parents and children are important.

Ayla Meyers - Staff Governor

Why I became a School Governor?

I love our school and know that Westonzoyland Community Primary School is a really special place. I am looking forward to spending time working with the other governors on the strategic vision of our school and help us to make our school the best place for the children.


What is my particular focus this year?

As a staff governor, my role will be to share information and ideas about what is happening day-to-day with the other governors. I am also having a focus on reading within the school.


Come and talk to me about…

Anything that is on your mind. I am keen to know what you think is going well and what impacts you and your family most. 

Laura Proud - Parent Governor

Why I become a School Governor?

I've lived in Westonzoyland for several years now. Both my children attend the school, and the opportunity to become a Governor came up once my youngest started and I had a bit more time on my hands. I have worked in Human Resources for over 15 years in a number of roles. I hope to be able to use the variety of skills and experiences I have developed, to make a positive contribution to the the school.

Come and talk to me about...
What you and your family love most about the school and any thoughts on how we can develop it further.

Amy Saturley - Co-opted Governor


Why I became a School Governor?

I have lived in Westonzoyland for many years and my eldest child attends the school. I was keen to get involved with the school and make a positive contribution to its ongoing development. My career for the last 18 years has been to help people with their financial needs and lifestyles in a variety of different roles. This has given me many transferable skills, has taught me to be inquisitive and enables me to deal with many different situations professionally and with compassion.

Westonzoyland is a wonderful village and I believe the school and the children are central to its future success.


Come and talk to me about...

What you like about the school, what your children like about the school and any ideas or suggestions you may have.


Nicky Doughty - LA Governor

Why I became a governor?

I have been working with Westonzoyland school since 2002 supporting them with their school performances.  As a local school leader, I have been delighted to be involved for many years with the growth and development of the school.  I am passionate about the safeguarding of children, teaching and learning and working with local communities.  I believe every child should be able to learn and achieve no matter their circumstances.  I am always willing to support Westonzoyland school and its families in any way I can.

Come and talk to me about ..

Any aspect of the school life, we are always willing to listen.  

Antony Williams - Co-opted Governor


I have lived in the village for over 20 years and my Daughter attended the School a number of years ago. During this time I became a School Governor as I wanted to have an insight of how a School works behind the scenes, and offer any assistance I could. After 10 years I decided to step back from being a School Governor, only to take the role up again a couple of years later.

I have been in my current role of  employment for 18 years working with the community  and as a result of this I  have gained a number of skills that assist me in being an effective School Governor. I look to help the School  in continuing to make it a happy place where Children want to come and learn. The School is a pivotal part of the local community and something that I am a passionate about.


Come and speak to me about anything you like regarding the School. I’m approachable and always happy to listen.

Kathryn Strik- Clerk to Governors

The clerk to the governors may be contacted by writing a letter marking it for the attention of the clerk to the governors or by email to