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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Our Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team 1 Mrs Alison Garbett - Headteacher
Our Leadership Team 2 Mrs Vicki Bell - Foundation Stage and KS1 Lead
Our Leadership Team 3 Mrs Ayla Meyers - KS2 Lead

Our Teaching Staff

Our Teaching Staff 1 Miss Paula Stockford - Merlin Class Teacher
Our Teaching Staff 2 Miss Rosie Crowe - Buzzard Class Teacher
Our Teaching Staff 3 Mrs Vicki Bell - Kestrel Class Teacher and SENDCo
Our Teaching Staff 4 Mr Clive Warner - Eagle Class Teacher
Our Teaching Staff 5 Miss Chloe Grant - Osprey Class Teacher
Our Teaching Staff 6 Mrs Ayla Meyers - Hobby Class Teacher

Mrs Jean Kenefick-Scott (Family Support Worker MALACHI)

Mr Craig Barnett (Private Guitar and Vocal Tutor)


Our Administrative Staff

Our Administrative Staff 1 Miss Laura Touchin - Office Manager
Our Administrative Staff 2 Mrs Sue Holman - Finance / Premises Administrator
Our Administrative Staff 3 Mrs Kathryn Strik - Clerk to Governors

Pre-School Staff

Pre-School Staff 1 Mrs Karen Morris - Supervisor
Pre-School Staff 2 Mrs Rhiannon Gardner - Deputy Supervisor
Pre-School Staff 3 Miss Nikki Parnell
Pre-School Staff 4 Miss Maxine Warren
Pre-School Staff 5 Mrs Beverley Whelpton

Our Support Staff

Our Support Staff 1 Mrs Janene Hall
Our Support Staff 2 Mrs Theresa Deabill
Our Support Staff 3 Mrs Gail Legg
Our Support Staff 4 Mrs Kimberley Melinn
Our Support Staff 5 Mrs Kerry Williams
Our Support Staff 6 Ms Lisa Hellyer
Our Support Staff 7 Miss Hazel Hurley

Breakfast Club Staff

Breakfast Club Staff 1 Miss Nicola Baker
Breakfast Club Staff 2 Mrs Sharon Fraser

Afterschool Club Staff

Afterschool Club Staff 1 Miss Kayleigh Rolls
Afterschool Club Staff 2 Mrs Abby Packer
Afterschool Club Staff 3 Mrs Beverley Whelpton

Our Maintenance Staff

Our Maintenance Staff 1 Mrs Sharon Fraser - Caretaker
Our Maintenance Staff 2 Mr Robert Moore - Cleaner