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16.7.20 - A beautifully hand made bird box; designed, measured, sawn, painted and nailed by Darcey! Well done Darcey!

6.7.20 - Thank you for your pictures Isobel! You have been getting really creative at home over the last few days! I love your leaf mobile - it looks amazing!

3.7.20 - What another fantastic week of work Euan!! I've chosen a few of the pictures that you sent me to share with the class. Well done you!!

2.7.20 - Thank you very much for sending me a picture of your bridge Mallory - your horse looks very stable up there!!

1.7.20 - Leo has been busy learning all about our solar system (not just the sun!!) Look at this 300 piece puzzle that he completed!

1.7.20 - Thank you so much for your email today Florence! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your short story and look at that super strong bridge!! Well done you!

30.6.20 - Check out Amelia's bridge structure that she made in DT today!! It looks incredibly strong and stable - a good choice of building materials.

24.6.20 - Thank you so much for your email today Isobel, it was lovely to hear from you and to hear that you are continuing to get on well at home. Well done you - keep up the fantastic work!

19.6.20 - Some more fabulous work from Euan this week! Thank you so much for sending me pictures, it is fantastic to see what you've been up to!

17.6.20 - Check out Fred's lava lamp bottle that he made in Science! He has also been exploring at Fyne Court today - see his map and facts for more information!

16.6.20 - Jay had great fun picking and munching on his home-grown and hand-picked raspberries today - they look incredibly delicious!

15.6.20 - YUM!! Look at Fred's homemade pizza! This has inspired me to try making some homemade pizza this week (I'll let you know how it goes).

15.6.20 - Thank you so much for your email Isobel. It was really lovely to see the wonderful work that you completed last week!

12.6.20 - Thank you for your email Gracie! I love the way you have used a cut out picture in your PSHE and I absolutely agree with all the wonderful things that make you special.

12.6.20 - Harry looks like he has been working incredibly hard again this week! Well done Harry!! Thank you so much for the pictures you sent me :)

11.6.20 - A very Happy Birthday to Jay for yesterday! Look at that amazing cake!! We all hope you had a brilliant day.

11.6.20 - Thank you so much for your update today Imogen! Your design is on the Sports Week page and it is great to see your Topic work from today.

10.6.20 - Some photos from me today! I wanted to show you my new chicks, they are 2 days old and very very cute!

10.6.20 - CJ is doing a fantastic job at keeping up with his Topic work which is great to see! A huge well done CJ!!

8.6.20 - Check out Gracie's mixed up animal!! Her Squirrel-fly has inherited from its parents who must have been a squirrel and a butterfly! I can't work out if this creature would be super cute or a little scary!

5.6.20 - Jay has been busy helping his parents in the garden; growing strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and tomato plants! He has also been busy with school work and enjoyed the adaptation task this week.

4.6.20 - I had a lovely update from Gracie today, I have only uploaded 1 photo for now as I thought it was a lovely one. She spent lots of time outside over half term and even took an evening stroll on the beach.

4.6.20 - Thank you for your update Euan! Look at all of his hard work!! I am very impressed to see you watering the plants too Euan! Stick insect update: There are now 6 and they are doing well.

4.6.20 - Isobel spent half term completing some extra research all about Ospreys. Have a read to find out something new, I definitely learn't a fact or 2! Thank you for sending it to me Isobel.

1.6.20 - I am updating this a bit late but a very Happy Birthday to CJ!! I hope you have had a really fantastic day! I also hope that you don't mind me sharing these photos because they are just so cute!!

1.6.20 - Wishing Ethan a very Happy Birthday for the 28th! It looks like you had a fantastic day Ethan. Thank you so much for the photos!

21.5.20 - Wow! Look at all this work!! So many fantastic things going on Euan, well done! STICK INSECT UPDATE: there are now 4!!

20.5.20 - Jay has continued to work really hard this week! He's enjoyed the Underwater world activities and check out his division!!!

20.5.20 - Isobel has been working really hard at home over the past couple of weeks. She has found so many interesting facts and stories about VE day and look at the little friend she found crawling around in her garden!

20.5.20 - It was amazing to see Chloe's Science experiment pictures today, she has set it up brilliantly and completed the predictions. Now time to collect the results...

20.5.20 - Fred's on a roll, some fantastic work on his underwater world and his Science experiment is well on the way!

18.5.20 - A big thank you to Harry for your email today, it sounds like you had a very productive and fun week last week! Some amazing Maths, Art and PE going on!! I'll keep you all updated on Harry's metal detecting discoveries!!

15.5.20 - Check out Euan's baby stick insects! He has been waiting for the eggs to hatch over the last few weeks and two babies have finally arrived!!

15.5.20 - I had a lovely update from Fred today who sent me some of his FANTASTIC writing and his 'Thankful stones'! I love that alien!!

12.5.20 - I really appreciated Imogen's reply today, she has been telling me all about what she's been up to. Thank you for keeping me in the loop Imogen!

12.5.20 - Euan has been continuing to work SUPER hard this week, I just love getting these updates! Can anyone guess what his eye's reflection is of?

11.5.20 - It was lovely to get an email from Imogen today, telling me all about how she is getting on; she's been on all sorts of adventures with her family and look at the amazing work she's produced today!

11.5.20 - It's lovely to see Fred outside, enjoying the weather and his new bike! What a fantastic eye drawing too - a lovely reflection to show what his character can see.

11.5.20 - It sounds like Matthew has had a brilliant birthday weekend despite lockdown! Look at that fantastic cake - does anyone recognise the design on the top?

8.5.20 - A fantastic effort from the Ayres family! Look at their house decorated for VE Day!

7.5.20 - CJ worked incredibly hard following and writing his own instructions last week! All this practise means we are going to have some amazing bakers in DT when we're back to school!

7.5.20 - If anyone fancies making a Lasagna this week here is Chloe's recipe to follow! It could go in your Kindness Jar (not the actual lasagna obviously but the act of kindness).

6.5.20 - It was great to receive an update from Harry who is continuing to work very hard at home and has produced some fantastic work already this week!! Thank you Harry!

5.5.20 - Euan's diary entry as a soldier finding out the war is over and that he is allowed to return home. He's done a great job of imagining how it must have felt!

4.5.20 - There are some great examples of VE Day research coming in today, we are going to be using this throughout the week so a very big well done!

4.5.20 - Some fantastic work produced by Euan last week. It sounds as though he is being a star!! I am going to have a go at the workout tomorrow, maybe you could join me?

4.5.20 - Jay got busy collecting data on the vehicles he could see from his door step last week, he then turned his tally chart into a very neat bar graph. Interestingly, it looks like there were quite a few cars about!

4.5.20 - It was lovely to receive some pictures from Jess over the weekend, she has been busy following instructions for peach tart, apple pie and apple crumble! Yum!

1.5.20 - Fred's very clear and detailed instructions explaining 'How to make your own Model Railway' and his fantastic Osprey sports team logo!!

1.5.20 - Gracie has been busy this week following many instruction examples, including how to make Risotto!! She has also written her own instructions explaining how to make a beautiful paper flower (see the example below).

30.4.20 - Thank you for your photos and update Isobel. She has been getting up to all sorts this week, from puzzles, to baking, to science experiments and made another fab example of a Wanted poster!

29.4.20 - Lovely to hear from Chloe today who is doing a great job in English, SPaG and Maths! She has also already completed her act of kindness this week - she cooked Spanish chicken and rice for dinner to give Mum the night off. I'm very impressed!

29.4.20 - I received a lovely update from Fred today who has been busy following our instructions and writing all about the PE he has got up to over the last few weeks.

28.4.20 - You may have spotted Matthew drawing these designs in the previous pictures but I wanted to say an extra CONGRATULATIONS! Matthew was picked as the winner for the Funky Labels competition and for part of his prize, his labels were printed professionally - AMAZING!!

28.4.20 - A few more pictures of Florence and Imogen's baking today, it looks like they had great results!

28.4.20 - Some lovely photos of Matthew keeping busy! He's been doing all sorts of school work over the last few weeks as you can see. As well as this, he has been helping out around the house and making cakes and cards for his neighbours which is incredibly kind! (I'm sorry for the delay in uploading these Matthew!)

28.4.20 - CJ's time capsule. I really appreciated seeing this as it told me so much about how he is getting on and what he's getting up to. Thank you CJ!

27.4.20 - Our instruction creations are coming in already, they are obviously being followed carefully step by step. Keep them coming Osprey class!

27.4.20 - Amazing! Take a look at Florence's English work from last week! So many fabulous descriptive features and spot her fabulous vocabulary!! A huge well done Florence and thank you for sharing it.

24.4.20 - A lovely update from Fred today, he's been making the most of the sunshine and has been getting creative with his learning. Does anyone else want some 'colour by numbers' to pracitse their multiplication?

24.4.20 - Wow! Some amazing English work written by Euan this week. See how many of those descriptive features you can spot (I can definitely find a few!).

23.4.20 - Check out Fred's example of spreading kindness, he has made a care package for his cousin's birthday. I am definitely stealing this idea!

21.4.20 - Some great examples of writing from this week's English unit already. I look forward to receiving some more throughout the week.

20.4.20 - A very 'Happy Easter' from Isobel who has had a fantastic holiday getting creative and keeping busy, learning lots of new skills inside and outside the house. So lovely to see, thank you!

2.4.20 - Harry looking busy making a delicious raspberry crumble and completing some fantastic school work. I've uploaded a video below of him practising his football skills.

HB football

Still image for this video

31.3.20 - Jay being very creative last week, baking some yummy desserts and doing lots of painting on rocks and... windows!

31.3.20 - Some lovely photos of Gracie last week, looks like she's been very busy with her home learning! Such a fab action shot of her on Just Dance.

30.3.20 - The first poem of the week...a wonderful Acrostic poem by Chloe!

30.3.20 - Goodness me! Where to start... notetaking, SPAG, maths, reading, chalking, riding, a fantastic leaflet and look at Fred's 'Vehicle Henge'!! How brilliant!

30.3.20 - A beautiful representation of Stonehenge by Euan - I absolutely love the colours he's used! For his English/Topic work last week he put his facts into a PowerPoint - I've attached the link below for you all to look at, it's great!

30.3.20 - So lovely to see Isobel outside, painting rainbows and doing P.E with Joe Wicks. Also a very big thank you for my letter, I'm still waiting for my reply though 😉

27.3.20 - What fantastic work Imogen - look at that Stonehenge model!! What a great end to the first week :)

25.3.20 - Look at the fantastic work the Ayres Family are getting up to!! PE with Joe Wicks, plenty of reading, writing and Maths, as well as educational apps on the tablets. Please find CJ's football activity all to do with Time (I've added it to Week 1 - Maths).