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Home Learning Week Beginning 06/07/20


Bubble 3B have been busy making bird boxes. First, they designed their boxes and worked out the dimensions. They were then each given 2 pieces of wood and were tasked to cut them to the correct size. They nailed the pieces together, painted the boxes and finally added felt to the roof . 
Here are the finished results!

Archie's fish


Archie has been luck enough to receive an early birthday present... An aquarium!  After setting it all up over a week ago he was finally able to get some tropical fish on Friday.   

Apparently he has literally been sat watching it for the whole weekend!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Home Learning Week Beginning 29/06/20


Bubble 3B Were learning about the Cottingley Fairies. They then made paper fairies and created a fairy setting for them in the garden.  
They then went on to have their fairies photographed to see how realistic they looked in the photos. 
Jed, Freya, Libby, Katey, Archie, Darcy and Ellie-Mai in 3B made Viking long boats from paper templates.  

Dan's DT bridge structure

Archie's Ants

Still image for this video
Archie's ants have just been transferred from the test tube to their new home.... he loves watching them, they are very interesting.

Home Learning Week Beginning 22/06/20


Dan's Nonsense Poem



The Baboon BASSELD BANGED his head on the celery as he woke up one morning.

He decided to go wobbling like a penguin.

He wiped his things together - his grasers, trogolooks and spectors.

He found a club that was in dazzling Droolers.

They were holding a wobbling competition.

He had 30 minues to have a splish splash splosh.

The 30 minues were up, and he had nothing to do but wack and habble.

He was near the end of the raccoon, happlire he won the raccoon - he got a gald medal for his land.




Hobby Bubble 3B have been busy gardening during outdoor learning. 
Bubble 3B experimented with different natural items from the garden area to create natural paint. Beetroot and cherries worked really well. They then used their paint to create pictures. 
Bubble 3B took part in the outdoor learning pond dipping activity in the garden area. 


Still image for this video
Marley has been keeping busy by looking after and training his falcon! How amazing!

Your Home Learning: Week Beginning 15/06/20


Don't forget all of the amazing work on our Virtual Sports Week Page




Do you remember the bird box that Sophie and Mia made and painted a few weeks ago?  Well, check out their update below:


On the 23rd of May we discovered a bird had made a nest in our bird box.

The 1st of June we saw that there were tiny eggs.

This Tuesday we discovered 4 chicks! We think they might be Swifts but not sure yet.


Sophie and Mia

Ella has really found her groove with her change in home learning!



Reading reviews


Below, Daniel has left an awesome review of a book he has just finished reading.

Compton Valance super farts verses the master of time.

I have written a review of a book I have read and its called 'Compton Valance super farts verses the master of time.'

The story was about time travel. They used farts to power the time machine. He assembled a group of people to help him make the time machine and he paid them one thousand pounds each for helping him. A couple of months later, they were nearly there until they found a virus in the machines system. It took them a year to fix the machine but they finally did it and they could go to any time they wanted to.

It was really good. 


Thank you Dan for sending this in. This book sounds like a very funny, adventurous story. I really like the idea of being able to visit different periods in time. I hope they don't run out of 'fuel' before they can get back!

It would be lovely to hear about any other exciting books you Hobby guys  have discovered that you might recommend to read. Just write a review then email to the hobby email address.

Happy reading

Miss Hellyer smiley






Here is a great lesson.  Ella wasn't getting on with the Bitesize learning, so her mum and I sorted out some different activities and this has given her a new lease of learning life!  It was great that Ella didn't give up - she just made the changes she needed to be successful.  Well done Ella - I love how happy you look in these photos and you have completed loads!

Your Home Learning Week Beginning 08/06/20

Don't forget to check out all of our amazing work towards our virtual sport's week!
Have a read of Mia's amazing story.  She has created an amazing atmosphere and used a whole range of sentence structures and advance punctuation.  What a wonderful piece of writing!

Katey's adventure at Cossington looking at the trees for her Outdoor Learning. She found lots of horse chestnut/conker trees.

Your home learning: Week beginning 01/06/20

Dan wrote a beautiful thank you letter which meant a lot to me.  Thank you Dan.
India has been storming through her home learning.  Here is her maths for today.
Sophie and Mia had a go at our athletics home learning.  The results of their triple jumps are amazing - and the whole family got involved!

Here is the world record...

They said:

We wanted to try the standing triple jump first.

Here are some pictures of our jump records.


We started by measuring the out the record of Ray Ewry 10.58m which is huge!

Then we had quite few attempts at the jump.

We marked out and measured our best jumps, converting them from inches and centimetres and then into meters our results are;


Mia 4.39.5m

Sophie 4.80m

Dad 6.35m (the tape measure wasn’t long enough for dads jump)

Mum 4.04m


We had fun trying but are now worn out!


Sophie and Mia have done really well with the outdoor learning tasks of creating a sense based scavenger hunt.  Here are their finds:




Your Home Learning Week Beginning 18/05/20

Ellie-Mai has written another wonderful piece of persuasive writing.

I love the powerful use of rhetorical questions.

Mia is our first entry for the book token competition.  I hope that her amazing entry will inspire everyone. I would love a double Hobby Competition win!
Ellie Mai has already finished today's English work on speech writing.  She decided to write about why friendship was so important.  Can you spot how she backed up her argument using quotations, research and personal anecdotes?


Yesterday we found out that Hollie was picked as the KS2 winner of the Royal British Legion Drawing Competition.  The competition ran over 12 schools!

Hollie won a book voucher and will have her drawing appear in various leaflets for the RBL!

Well done Hollie!


Here is her winning entry:



Sophie and Mia found some amazing fossils at Kilve beach on Sunday.  They had great fun using fossil tools and exploring the rocks.
Your Home Learning - Week Beginning 11/05/20
Ellie Mai has a new micro bit that she has been coding and programming.  Here is some of the amazing things she has worked out since it arrived today!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Ellie Mai has been super busy!  She has sent in photos of her VE day bunting hanging up a long with her maths work and the amazing scarab drawing she did after following today's tutorial and then recreated digitally.  I am going to have a look for some more drawing tutorials for next week.  Maybe I can think of a challenge or two!

Ellie Mai has also been making a wooden box using all sorts of tools.  Her last step was painting it in this beautiful colour - and she still seems to have all of her fingers!

Well done Ellie Mai.

P.S. there is a bonus cat in one of the pictures!

Ellie Mai also tried out the science experiment involving the skittle rainbow from earlier in the week.  Look at how beautifully it turned out!  I have re-posted the activity below in case any of you would like to try.  It is a great way to learn about dissolving and chromatography while eating sweets!
Jed has been working hard at home and he has also been reading a lot!  He is now of the 4th book of a very grown up series and he wrote me a lovely letter about what he has been up to.  Well done Jed!
Archie's sunflowers have now started growing!  He also has a triop kit to hatch some tiny sea creatures.  What with his triops and his ants Archie is either going to be the new David Attenborough or he is going to take over the world with his army of millions!

Dan has done some amazing work on his shelter project.  Here is is final design as well as a bird house he made.  Look at the the fantastic bracing on the sides!

Dan has also been keeping up with his Bitesize and has included the fantastic news report that he wrote.

Katie did a huge batch of baking ready for VE day.  All these yummy things keep making me hungry!  Are their any brownies left?
Your Home Learning - Week Beginning 04/05/20

Inspired by a missing bunny in her area, Ellie Mai decided to get straight on the news story!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Today in our home learning we held a minute silence to think about Max.  We also decided to put this together so that we could send it to Max's family to show them that we were thinking about them and Max.  It was a very special moment.
The main theme of today's Hobby get together was a dressing up race.  I think that this was my favourite ever!  We had 8 minutes to dress up as a Harry Potter character.  Then we all presented our looks.  Freya was the winner this week with her Lord Voldemort!

Here is Ellie Mai's family bunting ready for tomorrow!

Do you remember Archie's amazing cake?  Well he is now trying his hand at making bread!  I think he will be ready for Bake Off soon!

Archie has also been finding some beautiful spots during his exercise.

Do you remember our challenge to make an unusual rainbow?

Here is Ellie Mai's using flowers from the garden.  It is so pretty!

Sophie and Mia have found a great way to get help with any tricky maths questions... a video chat with Grandpa!

They have also been working on some amazing VE day crafts.  I love your bunting.  I can't wait to hear some of your music.

Ellie has been really busy at home.  She has been keeping up with her home learning but has also been cooking, baking, planting and growing vegetables.

Your Home Learning - Week Beginning 27/04/20

Back when Archie left Miss Hickman's class, she gave him these seeds.  He planted them today - let's see how big they get!
For our Hobby Meet Up this week we did a scavenger hunt.  Here we are with some of our weird and wonderful finds.  It was lovely having a chat and a laugh together and we answered an important question - does a Frube count as a yogurt?

VE Day entries

Hollie, Libby, Sophie and Mia have already done their entries for the VE day competition.  Don't forget to get your pictures in before next Friday!

Archie has also been doing some baking.  Look at the amazing cake he made!  Mum said that it was delicious as well.
India has been getting on so well with her home learning that her mum is now letting her do the Year 6 work as a treat.  When India comes back to school she is going to be finding Year 6 a breeze!
Archie has found a great way of getting some exercise when he can't get outside!

Here I present the tale of Norman the tomato.  Up until today he had lived a 'sheltered' life.  Little did he know that things were about to change...

Fortunately, Holly did such a good job with her shelter that Norman survived to tomato another day!

I loved Norman the Tomato so much that I asked if Hollie could draw me a comic strip of his traumatic day of testing.  She did not disappoint!

Look at his little face!

As soon as lockdown is over I vote for asking Ella to make us all rocky road!  This looks yummy.  Anyone else want to join the petition?
Ella has been working hard all of last week on her home learning.  She has also included a photo of her amazing birthday cake just to make us all jealous!

Sophie and Mia combined their DT and Kindness work and ended up building a bird house.  If you look closely in the first picture you can see how they have braced the corners.

I love your paint effect girls!  You may need to start taking orders soon!

Your home learning - Week beginning 20/04/20

It was lovely to have a Zoom chat with you guys.  Well done to Holly and Freya for winning this week's quiz!

A shout out to Ellie Mai, Daniel and Skye-Rose who joined the chat but weren't in the photo!


Katey and Freya found that the best thing about living next door to your friend is being able to have a social-distancing water fight! 

It must be really good for improving your aim!

Ellie Mai is another person who has been super-active with her home learning.  As well as working on her maths, English, Shelters and Bug-Club reading she has also been taking part in all the kindness activities.  Yesterday Ellie Mai wrote a letter to her aunt as an act of kindness to cheer her up!  She has also been making cookies with her sister - Yum!

I must share a psychic link with Spohie and Mia as everything I thought of for your kindness activities they were already doing!  To help look after nature they have made some bird boxes and they were already working on some Positivity Rocks!  Let me know if you have any ideas for future activities girls because we clearly think very similarly.

Dan has been super busy on his shelter project.  He has made a teepee and on his daily walk he took photos of all the different shelters he could see around the village - what an amazing idea!

Daniel's dad has also become involved as he is building a shelter over the gas bottles in the garden.  I am really looking forward to seeing your amazing bracing Mr Proud.  I love the fact that Dan got his sister involved in the shelter building - I think she is going to love the tasks for next week!

Thank you Dan for sending in all your amazing learning. 

Ellie-Mai used lolly sticks to make her rigid frame and braced the corners.

What design did you use for yours?

Look at Ellie-Mai's amazing Positive Rocks!


Look out for them as you go on your daily exercise.  I love the flowers!

Well done Ellie-Mai!







Here is Katey's fact-file about William Shakespeare.


Katey found out lots of information - which is your favourite fact?

Home Learning 23/03/20 - 19/04/20

A lovely range of activities here, including some kindness, history and some very fun science!

A lovely poem and some fun with the stone age board game!

Ant farm is up and ready to go. Just waiting on a queen and some workers- watch this space!

Well done to our hand-picked Stars-of-the-Week!

Some lovely science/ technology/ computing experiments happening here!

Are you ready for a poem?

Someone is ready for learning and sitting purrfectly!

Maths and reading happening this morning =)

Some SPAG learning here- and a great idea to think about what the WALT would be. Helps to focus exactly on the learning that is taking place.

What a great time to help out at home!

That bread looks yummy! A lovely message which will make all key workers, and those people isolated, smile!

More fun outside!

Some excellent outdoor learning happening here! And some excellent bunny cuddles too!

The key to a happy home learning day is a range of activities!

Enjoying some exercise outside- make the most of this lovely weather!

Great use of technology to make a virtual classroom! Super idea girls!

Making the most of this lovely sunshine and working hard in the man cave!

Working on spellings and a very clear timetable- I especially like the time for chilling! Having breaks is so important to our mental health!

Making good use of the sunshine by getting outside and growing some flowers! I can't wait to see them grow!

An act of kindness to create a smile!

Keeping up with learning AND helping out around the house! What a great use of this time at home.

Writing letters is a great way to keep everyone feeling connected... I think this will be our kindness task for tomorrow!

Making great use of her revision packs, online games and printed sheets! Well done- looks like you are having lots of fun!

Working hard with Joe Wicks this morning!

Using a trampoline to keep fit is a great idea. Mable (the dog) is very jealous!

Lovely to have my first email about working hard on maths, SPAG and going out spotting wildlife! Well done!