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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Year 4 - Mrs Oaten

Kingfisher Class Teaching Staff

Class teacher : Mrs Louise Oaten

Teaching Assistants : Mrs Kimberley Melinn,

Miss Kayleigh Rolls & Miss Hazel Hurley

A typical week in Kingfisher class!


Monday - Spellings will be handed out to the Year 4 pupils. Home reading will be checked via the GoRead App. 


Thursday - PE is on Thursday afternoon, children can come to school in their PE kits.


Friday - Our spelling test is on a Friday morning. Whole school assembly is also on a Friday.


This week we are beginning to write our own poems about Changes. 
We are using figurative language, metaphors and personification to express our thoughts on the different changes happening around us and how they can effect us. 


Our school is using the GoRead app!

We are very passionate about the sharing of books and reading here at Westonzoyland. We will issue them with a reading book (suited to their ability and to encourage fluency) and do ask parents or guardians help nurture the love and enjoyment of reading by listening to your child read at least 3 times over a week. We suggest 20 minutes of reading each time.

We currently use the GoRead App to record children’s reading. This enables pupils, parents/guardians and teachers to quickly record reading with a simple click of a button. 

Your child/ren have been given their individual passcodes to enter and it is simple and fun to use. However if you or your child/ren are experiencing any issues with using GoRead please do not hesitate to ask a member of our class teaching team. 😃


Welcome back, we hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter and looking forward to another amazing term ahead! 


Our new class book is Varmints By Helen Ward. 
A powerful
story of a lonely varmint, living in an idyllic world that is suddenly destroyed by the arrival of a dark, high rise city. 

As part of our Geography, we took a lovely stroll around Westonzoyland. On our travels, we drew a map of the route we took, paying attention to buildings and land markers which would help others to follow the maps we created.

We will be delving into the modern and historical explorations of our solar system in science and sharing the book, Curiosity in our English lessons. 


Welcome back! We hope you have had very restful half term break and enjoyed spending some quality time with those we care about.

We are kicking off this terms fun with our whole school superhero day! 
The children took part in a range of different superhero activities including agility and fitness training, spy skills and code-breaking as well as looking at the top 10 super powers and designing our own hero.

"Everyone has a super power.... what’s yours?


To finish off the half term and our learning of the text, Gulliver, we have written our own fantastic short stories. With everything from magical forests to the war-torn trenches on during World War II we have let our imaginations run wild with all sorts of literary possibilities. We have worked hard and are extremely proud of our creations. We are sure you will agree they are spectacular!! 


We took inspiration from the ancient death masks used by ancient civilisations thousands of years ago. We studied pictures of Egyptian and Mayan death masks during our topic lessons and made our own miniature masks using clay. Today we have enjoyed an afternoon painting them. 

Mummified tomatoes

Today we started an experiment to compare the effect of a natron, made from salt and baking soda, being used in the process of mummification. 

*UPDATE* After waiting a week, we uncovered the tomato which had had natron added and discovered the tomato in a mummified state. The children decided the natron had absorbed the juices, dried the tomato out and formed a hard, crystallised crust to protect it. The no-natron tomato had however, gone dry and mouldy. 

We are enjoying cricket training this half term, the first session was focusing on catching. We played lots of fun games to improve our catching skills.

This term Kingfisher class are reading Jonathan Swift's Gulliver. In English we looked at a map of Gulliver's world and added the countries from our world.

We have been learning about units of measurement in our Maths lessons this week, so we took the metre sticks out to measure items in the garden area.

Kingfisher Class enjoying Children In Need Day 2021

Science week - in our English Lesson we are writing instructions on Mummification.

Wednesday 29th September - Circuits. As part of our topic we have been learning about electrical circuits. On Wednesday we had a go at building our own circuits to light a bulb, run a motor or work a buzzer..