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What you have been getting up to!

Updated - 07.07.20

We made pebble insects. Don't they look good!

Lilly has worked hard on investigating volcanoes, solving fractions problems and finding answers within a text. Brilliant work Lilly.

Well done Lilly, you have been working so hard and doing some amazing things. Keep it going.

Elijah has kept up his hard work throughout lockdown and has produced some fantastic work in French, homophones in English and fractions in maths. On top of this He has also been exercising everyday. Well done Elijah.

Lucas and Olivia have worked really hard in our small bubble in school today. They have been creating fantastic treasure maps.

Elijah had a really busy day yesterday. He cycled for 6.3 miles (WOW), done some maths and English work and still managed time to read on Bug Club. Fantastic effort Elijah.

I have been so impressed with the work Elijah has been achieving since lockdown. At the start of the week, he has been working on multiplication and division and researching all about refugees. Keep up the fantastic work Elijah.

This is fantastic Brandon!! I love the colours and how welcoming your poster makes me feel.

Lilly has been working hard this week completing her French work and making brilliant progress with her work on fractions.


Olivia and Lucas made Stickmen in outdoor learning. You can make one too. You will need some googly eyes and a glue gun. 

I am so impressed with Maisy, she has been working really hard for hours on a painting and finished it on Tuesday. I think you will all agree it is pretty amazing.

Maisy doing some fantastic learning about Major Tim Peake. Keep up the hard work.

17.6.2020 OUTDOOR LEARNING. We made some pictures using leaves and crayons. Have a go and see if you can do it.

This is fantastic Ocean, you have been working very hard. I hope you enjoyed creating the volcano and drawing your dinosaur. Keep up the good work.

Virtual Sport.

Still image for this video

Wow! What amazing work today Olivia.

Updated 15.06.2020

Zak and Olivia have done some amazing learning in our bubble today. Well done guys you have been fantastic.

Some brilliant outdoor learning today.

Here is Ocean's brilliant work on multiplication and division. Really well done Ocan, keep up the hard work.

Maisy has had a really productive morning. She has worked really hard and written some fantastic paragraphs about the haunted house.

Owen had a break from his home learning to have a play in the rain! I think this is amazing and brings out the my inner child. Time to dry off now Owen. Watch the video below.

Owen wet

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Mitchell has had a fantastic week filled with fun activities. He has created a brilliant animal drawing and a wonderful volcano, see below for the amazing video.

Mitchell video.MOV

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Some amazing drawings from our Zoom chat earlier, based around the book, Gangsta Granny.

Lilly has been working hard on her maths, becoming a teacher and investigating grasshoppers. Brilliant work Lilly, well done.

Brandon really has been working hard today! Not only has he done some super maths, awesome Geography and fabulous French, he has also earned lots of points for Swell Wood with his virtual sports week planning! Tres bien Brandon, travail fantastique!!





Elijah has done some brilliant learning about local sights. He has visited Burrow Mump, he has drawn it and written about the sight. I think it is fantastic that you have made the most of the nice weather to get out and about.

Elijah has been doing some terrific research and writing about the issues in the news recently. It is really important to understand issues like these. Well done Elijah.

It's Monday morning and Lilly has been super busy already! Check out her beautiful handwriting and awesome Maths! What a superstar! Great job Lilly! smiley



Brandon has been working hard on his Paralympic mascot for the competition. Meet Abhinu the Duck! He has super fast running blades and the coolest colourful hair! Great job Brandon, it looks like you put lots of thought into your design and name smiley



I had a great time catching up with some of Eagle class today! We had a game of Bingo and a nice chat. It was lovely to see all of your smiling faces! It got pretty tense at the end of our game, but Zak was the ultimate Bingo champion! At the end of our call, we looked at the Paralympic mascot challenge and thought about how we could make our very own Mascot for the Tokyo Paralympics, I'm looking forward to seeing lots of entries! 


Ocean has been really busy this last week. He's been doing some brilliant writing work and then he has spent time kayaking with his Dad. I hope you had a lovely time, keep up the hard work.

Such fantastic work guys during our Zoom chat. Well done to you all!

Maisy enjoying the lovely weather and going out and doing some fishing with her sister. She looks like a pro at fishing, especially with her catch! Way to go Maisy.

Wow, this is so cool! Ruby H has sent in pictures of her Dad's steam engine that she will ride around Westonzoyland in on Thursday. This is fantastic Ruby, thank you for sending these in.

Elijah has done some fantastic learning this morning. He has been doing science with his brother and sister. They drew around Elijah's sister and then labelled the parts of the body. Brilliant work Elijah well done.

Owen has been super busy recently. He has worked hard with his Maths and English, been on super long bike rides, had video chats with his Nan and created his Covid-19 capsule. Wow, so much amazing stuff that you have done Owen. Keep it up.

Maisy has been enjoying the sun outside making stuff and eating ice creams. She has also worked really hard in making bunting to celebrate VE day. Keep up the hard work Maisy.

This is the fantastic writing Elijah has done after his cycle ride. He investigated a WW2 pillbox that he found on his ride and as he enjoys army/war topics he wanted to write about it. It is brilliant work Elijah, well done.

Brandon and his sister working really hard to make these fantastic flags to celebrate VE day. Well done Brandon this is brilliant.

Ethan has been very busy recently. He has been baking some cakes, creating his own soldier and working hard with school work. Well done Ethan, keep up the hard work.

In the last couple of days Elijah has also created this amazing poster to commemorate VE day. He should be really proud of the finished poster. So now it is your turn to also create something amazing for VE day. Does anyone think they can match Elijah's brilliant work???

Elijah has had a busy morning already. He has completed his maths, writing and P.E, which is fantastic. His mum then set a challenge of completing a marble run working with his brother and sister. The results look amazing!

Well done Freya, Captain Tom would really appreciate this. Keep up the hard work.

Ruby H has been very busy recently. She has kept her guitar lessons going on a Friday morning, creating a fantastic model of Skara Brae, doing well on TT rockstars and bug club and she has been revising Guinness World Records. So we need to test her on them when we see her next. Well done Ruby on your hard work.

Well done Brandon, your time capsule looks brilliant. It is really detailed and shows that you have put time and effort into it. Keep up the hard work.

Well done Maisy, it looks like you are still working hard with your work doing spellings and your time capsule, which is fantastic. What a lovely picture of you and you sister as well.

Owen has been up to a lot of fun things recently. He has been on a bike ride, camping at home in the front room, an epic nerf battle (Owen ended up getting shot by his Mum), jumping in puddles and the coolest glow stick dancing I have ever seen!! All of this looks like so much fun.

Ocean has been keeping himself very busy creating a park for his dinosaurs, doing a brilliant drawing of Stonehenge, writing a fantastic piece of work on his Easter holidays and making his own camp site, which looks really comfortable. Well done Ocean.

Zak has been working very hard at home on his maths work and times tables, well done for getting all them correct. He has also made a wonderful birthday card for Captain Tom Moore, who turns 100 soon.

Wow Elijah this is super impressive!! Elijah joins his mum or dad on his bike as they run. As you can see Elijah has ridden a long way. In total, nearly 58 miles in 2 weeks.... Super effort Elijah.

Lucas has been busy being really creative making cupcakes, a model of stonehenge, crafting, and marking this year with his hand print. Fantastic work, keep it up Lucas.

Well done Elijah, this poster looks fantastic as well as being super informative. Really good work.

Zak has been very busy over Easter! He has found a bird's nest, counted in triples and doubles playing darts, created an amazing exploding experiment, staying cool in his doughnut in the pool and making his football team's stadium. Wow, you must be exhausted after all that Zak!

Ocean working very hard on time and money and making dinosaur fossils out of flour. Keep up the good work Ocean.

Fantastic work on your Stonehenge poster Elijah, keep up the good work.

Brandon working hard researching April Fool's Day and Stonehenge. I enjoyed reading the pranks that you have done in the past.

Lilly creating a lovely birthday card for Mrs Garbett and working hard completing her maths work. Well done Lilly.

Olivia doing some fantastic home learning using her measuring skills to perfection. Also making the most of the clear weather to do some outdoor P.E. Brilliant work Olivia, keep it up.

Well done Lucas on your fantastic Stonehenge work. Keep it up.

Owen busy at home finishing off his Skara Brae leaflet and competing in his own 'Great British Bake Off'.

Mrs Bell and Zak comparing their football dream teams! Whose is best??? You decide.

Zak L doing some fantastic home learning on the Stone Age, building his own barrow. Well done Zak, keep the hard work going.

Brandon keeping busy with work and also doing Joe Wicks P.E exercises. You're doing really well Brandon, keep it going!

Owen working hard exercising to a Joe Wicks live stream and then busy helping his Dad with lambing. Fantastic, keep it up Owen!

Zak has been working really hard on his home learning, look at all those gold stars! Super proud of you Zak! :)

Well done Maisy for such a lovely letter!