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26.03.20 In Kestrel Class, we use lots of different things to spark discussions. One of those is watching clips from Class Dojo. These clips help us to understand big events and emotions. 


There are probably lots of big emotions right now. Watch these clips and talk to your family about what they teach you. I have put on some discussion points to help you smiley

Moods and Attitudes (Part 1/3) Mojo's in a mood

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How was Mojo feeling about the field trip? How do you know?
Have you ever been in a bad mood? What happened?
Name some feelings words that can help us name our moods, do they all fit neatly into good or bad? Are there some words that are easier than others to sort?

Moods and Attitudes (Part 2/3) A bad mood storm

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What does it mean to be the pilot of your own emotions?
What does the bus driver mean when he says, “you could sit there and complain about the weather, but you have a choice”?
Think about a time you were in a bad mood. What did you do to steer yourself up into sunnier skies or down deeper into the storm?

Moods and Attitudes (part 3/3) What you can control

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How does Mojo check his attitude indicator?
If you’re in a bad mood, how can you steer your plane into a good mood?
You may not be able to control what happens to you, but what can you control?