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Wellbeing and Welfare

Jean, Mrs Legg and Miss Hellyer are using this page to share resources that they think will be useful to help with your health, welfare and wellbeing.

Hello Sun! A Yoga Sun Salutation to Start Your Day.mp4

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Below, I have uploaded some activities linked to the 'Hello Sun' video above. Yr 1 to Yr 6 children have been practising their Sun Salutations in school. These are a wonderful series of poses to practise at the start of each day to promote mental and physical wellbeing.

Hello Sun activities

Breathing fish

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Do you need a moment of breathing calm? Then just follow the fish!

Kindness activity - making kindness rocks that can be left for others

Picture 1
Picture 1

Children in Y1 to Y6 will be familiar with Belly Breathing from their yoga in school. We have discussed how it can be used at anytime and anywhere to calm and regulate. Children can belly breathe standing, sitting or lying down. (A wonderful tool to help when struggling to sleep. Younger children may benefit from using a breathing buddy- soft toy gently resting on their belly) It is also a wonderful, mindful way to still the mind by focusing solely on the breath.

Resting the hands gently on the belly, slowly  breathe in through the nose, noting the hands raising up with the belly. As you slowly breathe out, the belly lowers with the hands. (Encouraging deeper breathing from the stomach rather than shallow from the chest.)


The Bodycoach TV YouTube

9am Monday to Friday will be

‘P.E with Joe’

Exercise/P.E lessons specifically for children.

(suitable for all ages..including adults!)

The Invisible String~ Read With Me ~Story Time

The Invisible String is a lovely story which may help children cope (during this time) with separation, especially from their family, friends and school teachers, explaining that we are all connected even when we’re not together. Miss Crowe has shared this story recently with Buzzard class.

Lucy's Blue Day - A Children's Mental Health Animated Short

Lucy’s Blue Day is a lovely story which talks about emotions children are feeling, but the important message is that it’s okay to not be okay.