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Weight and Mass

Additional Resource Day 1


This unit of work should take 5 days overall. I will update you with the next Maths unit on 31.03.20. I will continue to put resources on based on this unit every week day to help you.  


White Rose, the scheme of learning we follow at school for Maths, are providing 3 lessons based on weight and mass. I would start weight and mass lesson 1 tomorrow, or when you finish your home learning pack designated for this week and then move onto volume and capacity on the week beginning 30/03/20. These lessons follow on from our work on length and height. There are videos and then worksheets for each lesson. If you cannot print worksheets have a go at drawing some of the illustrations in the purple workbooks that we have provided and then get the children to answer the questions. Alternatively have the worksheet on your computer and then get the children to answer them from this perhaps writing a sentence to answer each (e.g. the apple is heaver than the feather. I know this because the apple is at the bottom on the scales.)

I will add additional resources each day if you want to consolidate their knowledge/extend their learning. 


Please make the best of practical learning during this topic. Get your children to measure out ingredients for cooking, encourage them to hold two different items and think about which feels heavier. These are the experiences they will remember and will help them in the future to use their problem solving skills. 


I have also attached topmarks games based around this unit of work, the children love using these and you can really see them apply their knowledge to these games.