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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Week Beginning 27/04/20

Friday 1st May


Pinch, punch first of the month!

Well guys, there is a lot going on isn't there?  The TTRockstars Battle with Osprey is still raging, at the time of writing this we are just ahead but they are coming for us.  As you can see by the note below they are also getting cheeky with it.  There seems to be less of them using TTRockstars though, so I am hoping that we can overwhelm them with pure numbers (and talent, and skill).  The Battle doesn't close until Monday.  I recommend working out in the garage as this earns 10 coins per question!  The highest of any area.  If you want a video showing how to use TTRockstars or need your log in then do get your parents to send me an email and I will get it sorted for you.


Then we also have to address the weather.  Yesterday Met Check promised me that it was going to be dry and you were all meant to be building your big shelters!  Stupid Met Check!  It rained all day here!  I hope that you had some indoor shelter fun, or maybe built a Teddy Teepee?


The online lessons were popular yesterday, so we are going to keep them up.  I will mix in some other bits and pieces though to try and make sure there is something for everyone.


Don't forget you VE day competition entries.

See you at 11:00am - you will need a piece of paper and a pen to record your scavenger hunt mission on!



We are using some more bitesize lessons again as the feedback from parents was that this was easier to use and well pitched.

I am also going to include an optional extra.  The video of Arnie the Doughnut read by Chris O'Dowd.  There is also a chance to design your own doughnut (you are also welcome to do this on paper).



Today there is some multi-step problems for Year 5 and BIDMAS for Year 6.  I have also included some optional weekly challenge work for each of you to practice a range of maths.


Please don't forget you TTRockstars the battle closes on Monday!


Topic - History


I am going to try a range of topic work through the week with different things on each day.

Today we are going to try some history.

Kindness - Do a job!


See if you can do a job to help someone today.  Help with the dishes, put away some clothes or help with the cooking.  Just try to do something to help.  It will mean a lot to the person you are helping.


Osprey are in the lead!  Quick Hobby I need you!


Thursday 30/04/20


Hello!  Another busy day today!  Is it me or has this week been a complete blur of jobs?

I am very pleased to say that we are still ahead of Osprey in our TTRockstars battle but they are closing the gap!  Please have a go and see if you can add even a few points to our total.

It is meant to be dry weather on Thursday (I am writing this on Wednesday so I had to check a weather app to make sure) so I am hoping that we can finish our shelter project!

On Friday I am holding another class Zoom.  This time instead of a quiz we are going to be doing a scavenger hunt.  I will send out the link to your parent's email again so you can all join.

If any parents aren't receiving emails from the Hobby address then do let me know and I will sort it out.




People seemed to like yesterday's interactive lesson for geography, so today I am trying some for English and Maths, that way I can find out if you like them before I plan next week's learning.


Year 6 are learning about modal verbs.  There are clips, explanations and practice activities.  There is also a worksheet at the bottom of the screen that you can click on to do any extra practice on paper.


Year 5 are learning about expanded noun phrases.  Again their are clips activities, games and another worksheet that you can print if you want to do more practice.


I am hoping that on-line lessons will be able to give you more input and support and will mean less printing as I know some people are struggling with this.


Please let me know how you get on.




This is the subject that I have been asking for the most help with - not normally because of the maths involved but because some in some of the questions it is a bit difficult to make out what they want you to do.  Have a go with these lessons and see if they are any easier to work with 


Year 5 are going to be looking at prime numbers and square numbers.  There are videos, games, practice questions and a worksheet if you would like some paper practice.


Year 6 are going to be looking at factors, primes and common multiples.



Yesterday we got rained off in our shelter work.  The weather app has promised me that it will be better today.


It is time to combine everything that you have learnt to make a shelter big enough for a person to sit or stand in. 


Think about using garden canes and blankets or tarps, string, sticks, leaves, grass cuttings (you might have a lot of these as no one is collecting the green bins!).  Be as creative as you like.  Feel free to work with someone else in your family to make your shelter.  I will include some pictures for inspiration.


I would recommend doing this outside - but if the weather is horrible then you can make a shelter out of newspaper tubes in the house. 


If all of this is a bit big for your available space then I will also upload some instructions for making  a teddy teepee (they call it a teddy wigwam int he instructions, but wigwams are a completely different shape).  This can also make a lovely activity for any younger brothers or sisters who are getting under your feet.


Tomorrow we will finish off our shelter unit by evaluating what we built.  Don't forget to take lots of photos - I would love to see them.



We are still in the lead in our battle with Osprey - but they are closing the gap fast!

Please go on and do just a bit to help.  Every point matters!


If you don't know your log in information then send me an email and I can let you know.



Kindness - being kind to ourselves


Here is a youtube kids video that will help you to pause and think about how kind you are to yourself.  Just take 4 minutes to pause and look after yourself.



Wednesday 29/04/20


Hello everyone, we have got lots to talk about today. Firstly we have been challenged to a TTRockstars battle by Osprey Class.  I may not have told you this but I am very competitive - Come on Hobby Class we need to rise to the challenge and show Osprey who is boss!


Secondly, there is a VE day drawing competition run by the British Legion that we have been asked to participate in.  See today's Kindness section for more information.


Lastly we were going to be building large shelters out of doors for our DT work today, but as I am writing this it is pouring with rain, so I have something different for you.  Today we are going to trial one of the BBC on-line lessons.  These don't require any printing as everything is done on the computer.  Let me know how you get on.





We have been challenged to a battle by Osprey Class and we can't let ourselves be beaten by those whipper-snappers!


Come on Hobby - let's show them who is boss!




Don't forget that if you need your password or anything then I can sort that out for you.  Also if you are finding the tables too hard then I can adjust these for you.  As I haven't ever taught you for your times tables I am not sure where to set them all.


If you want to find me or challenge me then I am Queen Bopper.



As today is too wet to do the next step of our shelters work, I thought we would try a completely on-line lesson. This is on settlements (linked to shelters obviously). The lesson includes information, videos, photos and activities. Let me know how you get on with this and we can do some more in the future.

Kindness - V.E. Day drawing challenge


We have been asked by the Royal British Legion to take part in a local Schools' drawing competition to celebrate VE Day 75th Anniversary on Friday 8th May.

The British Legion had planned a big celebration for this date but sadly they have had to postpone it, so this competition was a way for them to reach out to the community and engage with all of you guys.


To enter the competition you need to draw a picture depicting the day 75 years ago when WW2 officially ended in Europe.

Please can you email all entries to me by Friday 8th May and then I will send them on for judging.

There will be a KS1 and KS2 winner across all the schools taking part and they will win a £25 book voucher each.


Here are some British Legion resources:


Here is a link to learn more about VE day:

Tuesday 28/04/20


Happy Tuesday!  I hope that you are safe and well.

There is some SPaG work for English today and some times table work for maths.  Please do get onto TTRockstars to have a practice.  Today is shelter building day and I am really excited to see what you come up with!  There is a home work help session today - I will email the link out to all of your parents.

Maybe see you later?



Don't forget TTRockstars!  

My name is 'Queen Bopper' and I am happy to accept challenges!

If you do 10 quizzes in the studio then it will give you your ranking.

If you want to battle then let me know!

Shelters - Session 5 


Today is the session we have all been waiting for - building and testing.  You are going to need all of the materials that you collected yesterday along with your test subject.

I can't wait to see the photos!

Home Work Helper - Tuesday 27/04/20 between 2:00pm and 3:00pm


I will send out an email to your parents for a homework helper Zoom session between 2:00pm and 3:00pm tomorrow.  Feel free to talk through any work or questions that you are stuck on or chat though areas you would like more work on in the future.

You can just drop in for 5 minutes or stay for the hour - it is entirely up to you.  You don't need to be there for the start time.

Maybe see you tomorrow!

Kindness - Bee Friendly!


It's a tough life being a bee, and bees are getting rarer and rarer.  Can you do something to help?

Perhaps you can plant some bee friendly flowers, put out some sugar water for a snack or build a bee hotel.

Monday 27/04/20


Hello and welcome to another sunny week!

It was lovely to catch up with some of you on Friday on Zoom.  We decided to have another meet up this Friday at 11:00am.  You are all welcome to join!  I will send out the details via email to your parents again on Wednesday or Thursday.

This week we are continuing with the English and maths work that Mrs Meyers left.  We will also be continuing with the shelter project we started last week.  We have a request from the Zoom group for an art project next!

Don't forget to send in your pictures - I have been adding them to the website and it is lovely to see you all enjoying your learning.

I am thinking of having some homework help drop in sessions on Zoom during the week.  Maybe on Tuesday and Thursday?  So if you get stuck with any of your work we can go through it.  I will send out the details tomorrow morning. 

Take care,

Mrs Garbett

You may need to do some internet research to complete the following comparison document.  Think about how you can make your searches as efficient as possible using your key words!

Shelters - Session 4


Today we are going to be collecting materials and planning our shelter.  Tomorrow we are going to be building and testing our shelters.  I am really looking forward to seeing pictures of your test subjects and shelters before and after testing!

For extra fun you might want to set up a 'Shelter Shop' to make it even more of a problem solving task.  This way you would be limited to how many resources you can use for your shelter.  All the details are included below.

Kindness - An unusual rainbow!


Lots of people have been displaying rainbows to show that we are all together and thinking about each other at the moment.

I have seen rainbows made of ribbons, fruit and even pants on the washing line!

Can you make an unusual rainbow?

I've put some instructions below for a rainbow windchime to give you inspiration!

Don't forget to send me a photo of your unusual rainbow!