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Week Beginning 20/04/20

Friday 24/04/20 


Hello Hobby,

I hope that you have had a good week.  Hopefully you have been able to access all of your learning and have been finding everything ok.  I can't believe how amazing the weather has been!  It is still hot and sunny here and I am planning to go out and water my plants in a bit.

I hope you like today's shelter work - poor Mr Garbett had to take all the photos for me as I didn't have enough hands.

I hope I will see you on Zoom at 11:00am.

Take care and have a lovely weekend,

Mrs G

ZOOM - Hobby chat and quiz!


Hello Hobby!  I am trying out an experimental Zoom chat meet up on Friday 24/04/20 at 11:00.

We can have a chat and see how we are getting on and I will put together a quiz to keep us entertained.  If everything works out then we can do more of these - perhaps for some homework helpers.

Time 11:00am  Friday 24/04/20
Meeting ID: 988 042 0330
Please try and join us.  I will also send out the information to your parent's email addresses so that they know what we are trying.

Shelters - Making rigid 3D structures


Today you are going to be taking your learning about making things rigid in a 2D shape on to a 3D one.  For today's lesson you will need some scrap paper, scissors and tape.  You will also need something heavy to test it with - like some books.  A set of scales would be useful at the end to see how many grams your table held but this isn't essential.

Kindness - Social Connections


It is a nice, easy kindness task for Friday.  If you remember our well-being toolkit, one of the things we needed to do to look after ourselves was connect with others.  You might do this through giving some hugs, having a conversation or telling someone you care.  Just because we are seeing a lot of our families at the moment doesn't mean that we don't need to connect with them.  Or perhaps you can connect with a friend over the phone or internet.  Just a chat may make you - and them feel a lot better.  You can join the Zoom session at 11 today to help with this!

Thursday 23/04/20


Hello Hobby! 

Can you believe that it is Thursday already?  I hope that you are all fit and well.  I have put a few reminders on today's page for your Bug Club and TTRockstar accounts.  I am currently getting myself sorted with a TT Rockstar log in so that I can challenge you all to a battle - I think that my skills may be a bit rusty at the moment, so now is your chance to trounce me!

The second day of our shelter topic is here as well.  I had lots of fun problem solving my frame.  

I will be uploading another assembly to the Mrs Garbett page tomorrow as well so look out for that; I like to keep myself busy!


Remember to email if you need any help:


Take care


Mrs G


P.S. Which is your least favourite letter?  I'm not keen on the letter q!  What is the point of it?


Bug Club

Don't forget your Bug Club reading!

Last time Miss Hellyer checked only around 5 children had been accessing their books!

Let's give her a big surprise next time she checks!

Email if you have forgotten your log in.

Maths - times tables

I am trying to get myself logged on to TT Rockstars so that we can have a battle.  You had best get practicing now!  Watch this space for more info!

Topic - Shelters day 2

Don't worry if you missed day 1 - it is all down below!  

Today we are learning how to strengthen in 2 dimensions using braces.

For today's session you will need some card (a cereal box would be great) and some way to join the corners - you could use paper fasteners for this but I didn't have any, so I cut paperclips in half and bent them each side.  You might need an adult to help as it is quite fiddly.  Here is my starting frame in the gif.

If you get stuck I have included some ideas to help - have a go on your own first though!

Send me a picture of your final frame!

Animated GIF-original.mp4

Still image for this video

Kindness - Creature Comforts!




Today we aren't just thinking about being kind to people - but think about kindness to animals.  It has been really warm lately, maybe you could set up a DIY birdbath so that all the birds in your garden can have a drink or a wash? Do you have any other ideas bout how you could be kind to animals today?  Don't forget to send me a photo!


Wednesday 22/04/20


Welcome to Wednesday!  I am really excited about today!  I have put together a topic unit for you on Shelter building; we can work through this together over the next week an a half!  I hope that lots of you take part as it will be so much fun to see all of your builds - particularly the big build at the end!

It has been really quite on the emails so far - don't forget to send in your home learning pictures for me to upload!

Speak to you tomorrow!


Mrs Garbett


P.s. What is wrong with my sentences?  Does this make the writing sound formal or informal?


Topic - Shelters

I thought I would try something different for our topic work over the next week and a half.  I Have put together some DT  workbooks for a construction unit on building shelters.  I have taught this before in the classroom and thought that it would adapt well to home learning as it is a really practical unit but doesn't require many resources. To complete the whole unit all you you will need is some normal A4 paper, a few pieces of card (cereal packets would work well), newspaper, split pins/paper fasteners or some other type of paperclip and some junk modelling materials.


This is a lovely unit to do together as you can give each other feedback and have some friendly competition!  So, why not print a copy for a parent, brother or sister to have a go at?  Solving problems with building is great for all ages!  The skills on the front come from the Westonzoyland curriculum, so you can see you are completing loads of your DT skills with this unit.

Don't forget to send me photos of your builds so that we can compare - I will be having a go as well!


Below I have put copies of the Year 5 and Year 6 workbooks, the teaching notes and some shelter pictures to look at for the tasks.  Remember to only do one session at a time as you won't have the instructions for more than that.


I hope that this way of giving activities works - if not we will try something different, but if it does we can try an art or a geography unit next.

Kindness - Letter to a neighbour


Did you read about 5-year -old Kiran who wrote a letter to his 93-year-old neighbour?  Why not try doing something similar.  Write them a note to check in.  Maybe draw them a rainbow.  Is there anyone who is on their own?  Someone who might be feeling sad or lonely?  You might make their day!

I'll link the writing frame that Kiran used below.


Tuesday 20/04/20


Hello Hobby!

Today I have good news and bad news!  The good news is that I have access to the Hobby inbox.  The bad news is that it won't currently let me access any of the emails in it!  Therefore, as soon as we can get it working properly I will send out an email to all of your families to let them know that the emails have switched over to me.

There should be another assembly uploaded in the Mrs Garbett class page as well today so please enjoy!  

P.S. What do you notice about the beginnings of all my sentences?  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?


Tuesday update: The email is all up and running so please send your pictures and learning in!

Maths - Times tables

Kindness - Positivity Rocks!

Why not paint some rocks and leave them out and about on your exercise walk?  Someone else can find them and will be really cheered up by seeing your positive thoughts.  They might even be seen by one of your friends.  Don't forget to take a picture of your rocks and send it in to the Hobby email so that everyone will know which was yours!  

Pint pens, Sharpies and acrylic paint all work well on rocks.  So does any old gloss paint that might be in a garage at home.  Don't forget to ask for an adult to help!

Monday 20/04/20


Hello Hobby!

Welcome back - I hope that you had a safe and fun Easter.  

This is now Mrs Garbett speaking as Mrs Meyers has started her maternity leave.  She has very kindly left me some work for you all for the next couple of weeks; so everything should be nice and familiar for you.  I will also hopefully be taking over the Hobby email address tomorrow (if all the technology lines up) so you will be able to send me all your home learning photos to upload.

I am missing you all masses: school is very strange at the moment, all the classrooms have been stripped to be cleaned, so most of the areas are empty.

I hope that I will keep up to Mrs Meyer's high standards with your page - I've been working really hard at using my high level punctuation. How many 'examples' can you spot?


Optional English - create a Shakespeare fact file!


Today try to contact a friend or relative you haven't spoken to in a while - particularly someone who might be feeling lonely.

You could text, ring, send a card, letter or email.  You might be the highlight of their day!