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Week Beginning 10/05/20

Week Beginning 11/05/20

Friday 15/05/20


Welcome to Friday.  What is great about Fridays I hear you ask!  Well it means that it is time for the legendary Hobby Class get together.  See you at 11:00 for some fun and general hilarity.

There is something a bit different and special for today's topic...

English: Reading


Today is another reading day - The London Eye Mystery.  

Have you ever read the book?  I really enjoyed it  - I wonder if you would be able to guess the mystery ending?



As it is Friday you also have your weekly challenge today.

Topic: PE/Wellbeing


I always like doing something related to PSHE or Wellbeing on a Friday.  Now today I thought that it would be nice to do something physical, so I was looking through yoga tutorials when I found a Harry Potter yoga tutorial!  I am a simple creature - I see Harry Potter and I click.  She tells the story, she leads the yoga - what more do you need in life?


Thursday 14/05/20


Hello everyone.

I can't believe that it is Thursday again!

Our Mid-Week get together was lots of fun.  A lot of sharks had to die at one point but they were asking for it!

We played a game called infinity dungeon and we might play it again sometime, so feel free to look through the character cards below and see which you would like to be.


For today's learning we are going to be continuing with our setting work and in topic we have our second history lesson on the Egyptians. I have even put in some bonus art - a video teaching you how to draw a scarab beetle!


English: Settings

Topic:  History - The Ancient Egyptians

(With a bonus related art activity)



Remember our Zoom meeting today at 2?  Here are the character sheets you will need to pick form for the game we are going to play.  You can either print the one you want or have it on a screen that you can see.

Wednesday 13/05/20


Hello Hobby, 

Yesterday was a tricky day for a lot of us.  We said our goodbye to Max which was a lovely moment but very sad.  We are also dealing with a lot of talk about whether schools are opening up to more children - including those of you in Year 6.  There is so much talk around and a lot of it is confusing - I certainly find it confusing!  Remember that I am always on the end of an email if you have a question that you think I can answer.  The school have sent out some links to your parents so that they have access to the same information that we do.  We are thinking about all of you all of the time.  Whether or not you are in school today or whether or not you are in school on the 1st June you are still just as important to us and we are still going to be doing everything we can to look after you.


Now, on to today.

Hopefully today is a really straight forward day in terms of learning.

We have a geography lesson today, so I have made you a Google Earth Scavenger Hunt to go with it.  Enjoy!


English: Settings and descriptions
Geography: Trade and economic activity

Tuesday 12/05/20


Hello Hobbsters!

I hope that you had some chemistry fun yesterday - I con't wait to see the photos.  Today's topic is computing - something that I know you are amazing at.

Don't forget that tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday 2:00pm) there is an extra Hobby get together for anyone who wants to join.  I have sent out the link in an email to your parents.

Take care.



Our work on settings continues - again differently for the different year groups - but that just makes life more exciting!

Topic: Computing

Monday 11/05/20


Hello Hobby!

I hope that you are well and had a lovely weekend - particularly Fletcher as it was his birthday on Saturday. 

Firstly, did anyone get confused with the fact that I have changed the order of the crayons on the home learning page?  Sorry about that - it was just that they were going on to a third row on my computer and so this week's was getting harder to find so I switched them around with the newest first.

The second weird thing is that this would have been SATs week for children in Year 6.  Today, in an alternate universe, you would be sitting down to do your grammar paper!  Does that make it feel like you have been away a long time or does it seem really quick?

I was thinking of having a second get together this week.  We will still have a game together on Friday but I was wondering if you like a story or a circle time or something?  I was thinking Wednesday afternoon might be good.  Email in if you would like to meet up and any ideas for what you would like to do.



There is going to be a lot of work for Year 5 and Year 6 this week all around settings.  However, the year groups are starting a bit differently today.


Topic: Science


I have some chemistry lessons for you to do online, but I think the fun part of chemistry is getting messy!  So I have also uploaded some chemistry lessons that you can do at home.  I have lots more of this kind of thing is you want them.  Chemistry is one of my favourite subjects!