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Week Beginning 04/05/20

Friday 08/05/20

Have a lovely bank holiday and I hope that you manage to do something to commemorate VE Day.


Thursday 07/05/20


Hello everyone!

Welcome to Thursday (although I am writing this on Wednesday - so it is a bit like looking into the future).

This lead me to make a boo-boo on Wednesday - I posted the wrong day's maths!  Sorry guys.  I have corrected it now, so if you scroll back to Wednesday there are different maths lessons there now.

So today we have all our lovely Thursday work.  Don't forget that tomorrow is the closing date for the drawing competition.  It is also the VE day bank holiday so there is no official school work but if you scroll down you will see I have uploaded lots of VE day activities to save you from boredom! 

Down below there is also a lovely message from Miss Hellyer who has some great reading ideas.  If you want to talk about reading then don't forget that you can send in an email to the Hobby address.

I'll see you at 11:00 for our Zoom session.


English: Writing


Today is writing day for English. Year 5 are going to be writing news reports (I thought this was appropriate).  Year 6 are going to be playing with bullet points.  I find the rules for bullet points really strange.  Let me know what you think!

Maths: (hopefully for the correct day!)

As today is the end of our lesson week I have posted up the weekly challenges today rather than on Friday.


Topic:  History


History was a popular one last week.  Here is some more on the Ancient Egyptians.

Message from Miss Hellyer


Hello Hobby class. Hope you are all well. I'm missing you all but enjoying seeing the super activities you are

posting on here. There seems to be a lot of lovely baking happening with some of you which i'm sure your families are really enjoying. My daughter is baking constantly too  and i've never eaten so many cakes!  Are any of you joining in with P.E with Joe Wicks in the mornings?  My children and I are really enjoying that.


Another thing I have spent my time doing is reading.  Do  you remember in book week we learnt about the Author Michael Morpurgo. Mrs Meyers read an extract from the book 'Running wild' about a boy riding an elephant as a tsunami struck in Indonesia. I decided to read this book and could not put it down! The author mentally transported me into the Indonesian Jungle on adventure after adventure. The relationship that the boy built up with the elephant and orangutans was magical. I also enjoyed the section at the back of the book which gave lots of facts about the jungle animals, deforestation and tsunamis. 


Have you read a book at home that you especially enjoyed? If so, It would be great if you could share it with the rest of the class. Maybe you could take a photo of the book, add some information about why you liked it and what the story was about. Then just email to

I can't wait to see what books you have been enjoying.


Remember, you also have books available on BUG CLUB. I will check weekly to make sure that you are not running out of books and see how the quizzes are going. Its important if you have read a book on bug club that you also do the questions before moving on to a new book. Im here to help if you have any questions regarding your books or usernames. 

Happy Reading!

Miss Hellyer x





Wednesday 06/05/20


Hello Hobby, 

You will notice that I have put some VE day documents below.  These are optional, but I thought there might be something there that would interest you for Friday.  Because it is a bank holiday, there is no expectation that you do any work, but I put some bits up in case you wanted them.


Our class meet up will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:00am.  Remember that this week we are going to be doing a dressing up race - I think it is going to be a lot of fun!  I am really looking forward to it.


I am hoping to get one, if not two assemblies up today as well - so don't forget to go over to the Mrs Garbett page and check those out.



English - Punctuation (Plus Potter!)


Today's home learning is all around punctuation, but you know me I love a bit of Potter.  There is some 'Harry at Home' learning on the Pottermore website.  This includes having different celebrities read out each chapter of 'The Philosopher's Stone'.  The first chapter is read by Daniel Radcliffe! 

Topic: Geography - The World

VE Day


As you should know Friday is a bank holiday to allow us to commemorate VE Day.

It is also the deadline for me to send off any of your drawing competition entries to the British Legion.

As Friday is a bank holiday I won't be posting any school work on this day, but I thought I would upload lots of themed resources for you in case you wanted to do something to celebrate the day.  There is some English and maths linked bits but also some codes, WW2 recipes, information about VE day, colouring, bunting and more.


I will also be uploading an assembly tomorrow in the Mrs Garbett area that will talk more about VE Day.


Normally to commemorate VE Day people organise street parties like they did at the end of the way.  This year however people are being encouraged to have picnics in their garden's instead.


Tuesday - UPDATE


Although we sadly did not win our battle against Osprey, the competition was fierce and we fought valiantly.

Our Highest scoring players were Ellie Mai, Daniel and Katey.  I have sent them out their MVP certificates to say thank you from all of us.


Don't worry guys we will beat them next time!  I am really proud of everyone who took part.


Tuesday 05/05/20


Hello Hobby!

Here is your home working for today.  I've put up some extra topic as I realised we are a day short this week because of the bank holiday on Friday.

Therefore we will have to have our Zoom Get-together on Thursday.  I'll send out an email to your parents later on today.

At the time I am writing this there is still a ferocious battle going on in the TTRockstars tournament against Osprey Class.  I still have my fingers crossed for a Hobby victory.


English: Grammar


Year 5: Understanding and using alliteration.

Year 6 Active and passive verbs.



Year 5: Multiples and factors

Year 6 Simplifying fractions

Topic: Music and PSHE


In music we are looking at dynamics and tempo.  In PSHE Year 5 are looking at teamwork and Year 6 are looking at secondary school transition.

Monday 04/05/20


Hello Hobby!

I hope that you have had a lovely weekend.

Our big news is that the TTRockstars battle closes Monday night at 9:00PM.

That means we have one day left to battle.

We are only a little bit behind - in fact the gap is so small that several Hobby children have earned more points than that in one day on their own.  If each of us could manage 500 points then they will never catch us!



English: Reading 'To be a cat'


Year 5 - Negative numbers on a numberline

Year 6 - Negative numbers

Topic:  Science


As we are trying more online lessons, we are going to start a program of different subjects on different days.  On Mondays we are going to try some science lessons.

Today we are learning about light and dark.  There are lots of great follow up experiments that you can do at home.