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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Week beg. Monday 8th June

​Hello everyone, I hope that you enjoyed doing the Supertato activities and thank you for uploading your photos onto Tapestry for us to look at. 


This week we are keeping to the Superhero theme as we Look at the story "Superworm". There is a video of myself, Mrs Morris, reading Superworm on the Memo, tab on Tapestry. Have a look and let me know what you think of the story. 


Fun home learning activities.

  • Can you find some items beginning with the letter S, with the sound /ssssssssssss.
  • Can you make your own superworm using playdough, a sock or recycled materials.
  • Draw a long and short worm




Virtual Sports week challenge 

 This week we thought it may be fun to do a daily 60 second sports challenge. Let us know how many of each activity you do. Parents/carers you can join in with the challenge as well.

  • Monday; How many hops in 60 seconds?
  • Tursday; How many jumps in 60 seconds
  • Wednesday; How many star jumps in 60 seconds
  • Thursday; How many squat & jumps in 60 seconds 
  • Friday; How many side jumps in 60 seconds. ( a side jump is, two feet together and jump from side to side, if you want a challenge jump over an object e.g. toilet  roll!!) 








Here are some items that begin with the letter S and the sound /sssssssssssss



Some super Superworms were made using a range of resources and a long and short worm was created.