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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Week beg. Monday 22nd June

Following on from the success of The Hungry Caterpillar story last week, we are continuing with the insect/mini beasts theme because in the garden, on the leaves of the tree, we have found lots of ladybird larvae. Both the children and the adults have been fascinated by the spiky ladybird larvae, which has led us to looking at the life cycle of the ladybird this week. We were pleased to find a story about a ladybird, which is called The Very Lazy Ladybird. 


Please look on the Memos tab on Tapestry to listen to the story read by Mrs Morris. 


Some fun home learning activities for you to try at home, have fun and please upload your pictures onto Tapestry for us to look at and enjoy.

  • Go on a mini beast hunt in your garden or local area. what mini beasts can you find? Could you draw the mini beasts you find, or take a picture.
  • Which is your favorite animal in the story? Can you make your own using lots of different materials. 
  • Collect some leaves, make holes in them and pretend an insect has munched through them
  • Can you find out what the ladybird larva looks like? What did you use to find this information? 
  • Can you find another story about a Ladybird?