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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Week beg Monday 1st June

We would like to Welcome you to our Home Learning page.

The children have been such great Superheros. They have stayed safe by listening to advice from parents and family members to social distance, they have washed their hands regularly, coughed into their elbow or into a tissue, following the "catch it, bin it, kill it" slogan and spent a lot more time at home too.


When Pre-School reopens on Monday 1st June, we thought we would re-introduce the  familiar story of Supertato. The story is about a supermarket superhero with eyes everywhere, but there is a pea on the loose, has Supertato met his match?

Please find below some fun Supertato Home Learning challenges for your child/children to do. 

On the Home Learning sheet there is an activity to do in a shop, however at this time I would recommend doing this at home instead, if you wish.


Can you make their own  Superhero, it could even be a vegetable Superhero.

What superhero powers has your Superhero got?  

Could you create a "Wanted" poster to help catch Evil Pea?


It would be lovely if you could please upload any photos or videos of your children's home learning and thief Superheros they have created onto Tapestry for us to see what they have done and made. 

Having fun creating a Supertato or Supercharacter and a house for them to live in. Fruit was chopped up and put into a bowl of jelly, yummy.