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Good morning!

I hope that you have all had a great start to the week. Wishing you all a very happy Wednesday! Have a wonderful day today x



Today I would like you to write a postcard from a visitor to your imaginary world – what did they do? What did they eat? Who did they meet? Where did they stay? Remember to write in first person and past tense.


Features to remember:

· First person (I, me, we)

· Informal tone (don’t forget to use apostrophes in your contractions!)

· Describe thoughts and feelings as well as what you saw.

  • Time adverbials (Shortly after, Next, A few hours later)


Today we are going to be finding the perimeter of shapes! Can you remember what perimeter is?

Click here to remind yourself:

Year 5: Calculating the perimeter of compound shapes.

Still image for this video

Topic – Science

Today we are going to carry out our oxidisation experiment. Use the document below to help you carry out your experiment fairly and record your findings.