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Wednesday 20th May

Good morning everybody! It's Wednesday, which means its picture and question day for English today. We also have some more subtraction for Maths and some Andy Warhol inspired art to finish us off. Don't forget our zoom story at 2pm today. As a bit of a treat, Darcy will be reading today's story for you all to enjoy. I am really looking forward to it! I look forward to seeing lots of you there this afternoon. 


Have a great day! smiley


English: Picture and questions

For this task, I would like you to look at the image and answer the questions below.



  1. Who is the bear on the platform?
  2. Why doesn't he have any friends or family with him at the train station?
  3. Who wrote the tag around his neck?
  4. Why can’t the bear stay at the station?
  5. In what way is this bear similar/different to a ‘normal’ bear?
  6. What will happen to the bear next?


Sentence Challenge:

These sentences are not very exciting at all! Following on from yesterday's work, can you help make them better? Can you make them exciting by using lots of wonderful vocabulary?


A bear stood on the platform. He wore a coat and hat. He carried a suitcase. He held out a paw.


Picture Challenge:

Can you draw what is inside his suitcase and label it?


Maths: Subtraction, 2 digit numbers subtract 2 digit numbers



In order to subtract 2, 2 digit numbers, we can use the same methods as before. 


The following video will help you use the sticks and dots method. However, unlike the video, please remember we take away our ones first & then our tens.

Drawing sticks and dots 2

Try these using the dots and sticks method:


  1. 24 – 12 =
  2. 35 – 14 =
  3. 45 – 23 =
  4. 23 – 15 =
  5. 32 – 16 =
  6. 65 – 28 =
  7. 53 – 25 =
  8. 75 – 34 =
  9. 55 – 32 =
  10. 82 – 36 =


Now try these challenge questions:





Art: Andy Warhol


Today, we are going to do some art based on the fantastic artist Andy Warhol. Warhol drew normal, everyday objects then made them more exciting by painting them in bright, contrasting colours. For Example:




In order to do this, you will need to:

  • Pick an object 
  • Draw the outline of the object
  • Paint the object in one bright colour
  • Paint the background in a different contrasting colour

CHALLENGE: more complex subject, repetition pattern, extra detail, use your imagination!



Here are some examples of children's Warhol inspired artwork:




Don't worry if you don't have paint, felt tip pens, colouring pencils or chalk work just as well! 


Stuck for ideas? try these Andy Warhol patterns to get you started!