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Wednesday 13th May


Good morning all. I was convinced it was Thursday today. Turns out it isn't! I nearly set work for tomorrow instead, oops! 

I'm really glad it is actually Wednesday, that means it's zoom day! I'm looking forward to seeing you all for story time at 2pm. You have a picture and questions for English today, some addition for maths and a bit of Picasso art to finish off. Enjoy! smiley

English: Picture and questions

For this task, I would like you to look at the image and answer the questions below.



  • Who is the girl in the picture?
  • What will happen inside the house?
  • How has the girl found this place?
  • Why is she all alone?
  • What do you think she hopes will be inside the house?
  • What stories have been told in her village for centuries?


Story Challenge:

Imagine you are in the picture instead of the girl. Write your own adventure… what happens once you open the door?


Remember to use your time words (first, next, then), expanded noun phrases, conjunctions (and, so, but, because, if), exciting vocabulary and of course capital letters and full stops. I have started the story for you.


As I approached the mesmerising, enchanted door, I felt scared. Carefully, I pushed it open and discovered…


Picture Challenge:

Can you draw what it is like inside the house? What does the girl see as she enters?


Maths: Adding 2 2 digit numbers



Building on our addition from yesterday, we can use the same strategies when adding 2-digit numbers together: number lines or drawing the representations. If your children are secure in this, we have also taught them in school how to use the partitioning method for addition. 


If we were in school, initially we would have our bundling sticks and be having a go practically using our ten boards. Here I would like you to practice exchanging & re-bundling. So if the number when added in the ones column is more than 10, we need to re-bundle!



Now watch the following clip which will explain how to use the number line or the partitioning method. 

Addition using a blank number line

Partition, then add

Have a go at these questions. You can use bundling, the number line or partitioning, whichever you feel most comfortable with:


  1. 23 + 14 =
  2. 12 + 13 =
  3. 33 + 25=
  4. 45 + 41 =
  5. 69 + 21 =
  6. 58+24=
  7. 43+26=
  8. 64+28=
  9. 26+26=
  10. 84+24=




Art: Picasso self portraits

For your art today, I would like you to draw a self portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso.




To do this:

  1. Draw in an abstract, cubist style. This means you have to break up the shapes you see into parts, then put them back together again but not quite in the right place! For example wonky eyes or a nose where your ears should be! 
  2. Use a variety of colours to create a mood
  3. Separate the portrait into different sections using lines


CHALLENGE: Add extra detail, have more sections, add the shoulders