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Happy Wednesday everyone!!

It looks like most of us can make it on Friday - yipee!!

I hope you're all enjoying this week's activities, it seems to be flying by for me!

Look after yourselves, keep smiling and keep talking to the people around you.

Miss Grant x



Today is SPAG day and today we are going to practise our editing skills. Don't forget to check for capital letters, missing punctuation and spellings. Good luck!!


Year 4s, similar to yesterday, today we are going to be completing symmetrical shapes. However, instead of using a straight line, today we are using a diagonal line.

Year 5s, today we are looking at co-ordinates. Have a look at the link to understand how to read and use co-ordinates:

The most important thing to remember is to always go left or right and then up or down. 

Topic - French

Today in French we are learning all about hobbies; in particular, sports. Here is an interactive game to practise your vocabulary:

Below are a couple of games you could play with somebody at home.