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Wednesday 6th May


English: Picture and questions



For today's task, I would like you to look at the image 'The Unexpected Adventure' and answer the questions below.


Question time

  1. Where did her journey begin?
  2. Why was this ‘unexpected’ or did the girl know this was going to happen?
  3. Where will she go on her adventure?
  4. How will she get back home?
  5. How might she be feeling about the adventure?
  6. What will her parents be thinking?


Story Challenge:

Would you like to go on an adventure like this? Perhaps you can write a story about your adventure. Remember to use your time words (first, next, then), expanded noun phrases, conjunctions (and, so, but, because, if), exciting vocabulary and of course capital letters and full stops. 


Picture Challenge:

Can you draw a picture of another place she might visit on her adventure?

Maths: Statistics





Here is a graph of a farm. It shows us how many animals there are on the farm.

  1. The farm has more sheep than horses. How many more?
  2. The farm has 5 more cows then horses. How many horses are on the farm?






Tally Charts and Pictograms

Here you can see an example of a tally chart and a very simply pictogram. Remember the key underneath tells us what each object or picture represents.




I have done some tally charts for you. Can you draw the pictogram using the correct key?


        1. Use a key of 10                                                           2. Use a key of 5



To finish up, try this interactive game on pictographs! 


VE Day



Today I would like you to get ready for a VE day street party on Friday by making your own bunting. I have included lots of different designs for you to choose from- maybe you could do one of each to make really colourful bunting!


Also, don't forget your VE day entries for our competition. This closes on Friday so I need you entries before then.