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Wednesday 8th July



Spellling rule: When to use –le –al or -el at the end of a word.

Watch this video:

Finish these words by writing the correct ending –le, -el or –al. Remember ‘most nuns run very well’ (from the video)

  • app____
  • cam____
  • anim____
  • bott____
  • tow____
  • capit____
  • squirr____

*CHALLENGE – Can you write a sentence for each word?


*EXTRA CHALLENGE – Can you use an adverb in each of your sentences e.g. The train zoomed speedily through the long tunnel. .



Reading/ Writing activity

Read the explanation text (below) which is all about rainbows. Try and read it yourself, but if it’s too tricky you could take it in turns with an adult.




  • Use the text to help you to write your own definition of ‘optical illusion’. E.g.

An optical illusion is…_____________________________________________________


  • Draw an arc and label your picture.



  • Write down or draw as many light sources that you can think of.
  • Use your careful looking skills to find the photograph on page 1 taken by Italo Melo in the explanation text. Find the horizon and show someone at home what the horizon is. Can you write sentences to explain what a horizon is?




Today’s activities are all about the number 15.



Today we are continuing to learn about Pictograms. Remember that a pictogram uses pictures to represent data, rather than tallies (lines) like in a tally chart.

Yesterday we learnt why it is important to look at the key on a pictogram because it tells us how much each picture is worth. Today’s pictograms are a bit different because each picture is not worth 1. Take a look!

In this pictogram, each picture is worth 5. You will need to count in 5’s to help you work out the total for each bird. E.g. There are 20 blackbirds in the park. How many sparrows are in the park?


Favourite sports


In this pictogram, each picture is worth 2. You will need to count in 2’s to help you work out the total for each sport. 10 people choose football as their favourite sport. You will see that hockey has half a triangle. Half of 2 is 1, so this half of a triangle is worth 1. This means 7 people chose hockey. How many people chose swimming?



In this pictogram, each picture is worth 10. You will need to count in 10’s to help you work out the total for each animal. There are 60 pigs on the farm. You will see that sheep has half a star. Half of 10 is 5, so this half of a star is worth 5. This means there are 45 sheep on the farm. How many chickens are there?


Activity 1:


Activity 2:


*CHALLENGE: Create your own pictogram to show the seasons that the people in your family were born in.


Other subjects (topic work/ foundation subjects)


The artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo created paintings using different objects including fruit and vegetables. You can watch this video to find out more about Guiseppe. Today, I would like you to create a self-portrait using only pictures of fruit and vegetables.