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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’


Wednesday 1st July

Good morning, Kestrels! Wow, I can’t believe it is July already! Here are your tasks for today. Don’t forget to send me in some pictures of your completed learning! Have a great day!



Spelling rule:


Write a sentence for each of the words below in your best handwriting:

  • camel
  • tunnel
  • squirrel
  • travel
  • towel
  • tinsel
  • funnel


CHALLENGE – Can you research any other words which follow this rule?

*EXTRA CHALLENGE – Can you use an adverb in each of your sentences e.g. The camel trudged slowly through the hot, yellow sand.


Reading/ Writing activity

We have finished our learning about the story ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. Can you write a book review for the story using this template to help you?





Can you practice your 10 times table? Ask an adult to test you on them in different orders e.g. 5 x 10 = ?  9 x 10 = ?   0 x 10 = ?

Watch the ten times table adventure to help you! 



Today is our last day learning about fractions. Read these word problems carefully and work out the answers by using objects or drawing pictures. Don’t forget to write a full sentence to answer each questions too. You can mark your work using the answer sheet below.


Need to know the ending of the Ten Times Table adventure? Watch Part 2 now!


Today we are going to look at toys from the past. Have a look at the pictures of toys below and place them on the timeline in chronological (time) order from oldest to newest toy. (you can cut them out and sick them on if you wish) How did you make your decision? Think about the materials the toy is made of and what the toy does.

Write a sentence explaining which toy you chose as the oldest/newest and use the conjunction ‘because’ to explain why you chose it.