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Happy Wednesday to you all!

The sunny weather is back and it is gorgeous! Today I have given you some maths that you can take outside with you - don't forget sun cream!

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Hugs to you all,

Miss Grant 


English – SPAG

Today in SPAG, we are all going to be looking at the same skill - possessive apostrophes! There are three challenges, as usual the answer sheets are attached at the bottom so that you can check your work :)


To mix things up and keep things interesting, we are going to be having a look at shape over the next couple of weeks! Today is a bit of a revision lesson; I would like you to go on a shape hunt at home and revise what you know so far.

Topic - Computing

Today we are learning all about 'Passwords'! See the activity below to find out what makes a good password. You can use this website ( test a range of passwords and see how long it would take to crack them. Can you create a password that would take over 5 years to crack?