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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’


Good morning!

I would love to set up a Zoom call for us this week, I will send out the details to your parents via email. I thought it would be a lovely opportunity for you all to see each other, have a chat and I have put together a fun quiz for us if you fancy it? It will be on Friday at 11am, I hope to see lots of you then!

Make sure you log on to TT Rockstars today, Hobby class are way ahead of us at the moment!! sad

Miss Grant x


Today I would like you to have a go at writing the opening paragraph for your own instructions (tomorrow you will write the method). Can you add a rhetorical question and some adjectives to persuade the reader to choose yours? Don’t forget a title!

Here are some simple examples but I’m sure you can do better than this!


If you want an outline to help you I have attached one below:


Here are today's Maths activities:

Year 4s, you're looking at tally charts today, fill them in and then have a go at drawing your own pictograms - remember to include a key!

Year 5s, today you are looking at distance-time graphs, they are a specific type of line graph. Make sure you read the first part of the sheet!

Topic - PSHE

This is a very stressful time for everyone and I’m sure with emotions running high and everyone under the same roof your parents would really appreciate some help. So this week, your act of kindness is to do a chore without being asked, this could be anything from tidying your room, unloading the dishwasher, wash the car or offering to help with the washing. Do me proud!