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Hello Hobbsters!


I hope that you had a lovely sunny day yesterday.  The weather really has been amazing this year - perfect for Sports week (that was a subtle link wasn't it?)  If you haven't taken part yet then it isn't too late.  Even one point for your house can make all the difference.  You don't even have to do the activity on the day it is set.  Just send in a picture or video of you completing an activity and you will get the point.  Super easy!


I have put today's activities below.


For the rest of your learning today you have some more geography on renewable energy and fossil fuels.  This has been big in the news recently as our country has stopped using coal as a fuel.  In English you are looking at speech writing; this is something a lot of adults struggle with and you can sometimes find mistakes even in published books!


Remember that I am always on the end of an email if you need me.


Mrs G

Virtual Sports Week: Wednesday Activities:


Activity One: Keepy Uppy Challenge - How many can you do in 60 seconds?  If you do not have a ball try it with a pair of socks, an orange, or a toy. 



Activity Two: Obstacle Course Time! - You will need to create your own obstacle course: You can use the poster for inspiration.  Be as creative as you can, combine different elements (crawling underneath something, jumping over an object, changing direction etc.)

English: Speech writing
Topic: Geography - Fossil fuels and renewable energy

Wellbeing: Wednesday Journal