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Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Eagle class,


I hope you are enjoying your week so far. In English today you will be writing possible endings to the story using the picture to help inspire you. So using exciting language you need to write what you think would happen next.

In maths you are using a place value grid to help turn fractions into decimals. Then in art you are to use the techniques shown to create your own piece of animal art.

I can't wait to see your pieces of work.

Mr Warner

English: Picture and questions

Look carefully at the following picture and complete the tasks below.



Story starter!

Can you carry the story on?

The Great House had many hidden treasures. As a 10 year old girl, many of the rooms were out of bounds for Elsa, but her desire for adventure often got the better of her…


She peeked back over over shoulder to check that the coast was clear. She could hear one of the butlers clattering around in the kitchens at the far end of the hall; no one knew she was there.


She carefully turned the ornate, golden door handle, hearing the mechanism inside clunk, and eased the heavy, wooden door open just enough to slip inside the room.


Immediately, Elsa was bathed in light as it poured down from the circular windows in the ceiling. She could see dust dancing in the beams of sunlight.


With a flutter of excitement inside her chest, she strode confidently into the centre of the room, her shoes click-clacking off the chessboard-like floor. She loved this library – it felt like she was ‘in’ history. How many lords and ladies had graced this great room? It has stood here for centuries, and Elsa doubted that little, if anything, had changed over the years.


Elsa loved reading, but that wasn’t why she had come to the library. She approached one of the golden orbs lined up along the centre of the library floor, and carefully placed her finger on the top. It had worked last time. Would it work again? She longed for the magic to happen, and closed her eyes in silent prayer…

Maths: Tenths in Fractions and decimals

Today we will be moving on to looking at tenths in fractions and decimals. Tenths are small than 1 whole but bigger than hundredths. We need 10 tenths to make 1 whole. Like I mentioned earlier this week, in school we normally use place value grid to show the value of tenths. Therefore, feel free to create your own place value grid like below to help you.

An Introduction to Tenths

Now complete the following challenges:



Art: Piet Mondrian

Today we are going to do some artwork based on the art of Piet Mondrian. Mondrian used to paint by drawing lots of straight lines that made rectangles and squares. He would only paint with blue, red, yellow and black. 



As we have been learning about classifying animals, today we are going to paint/colour some animals in the style of Mondrian. For example:





In order to paint like Mondrian, just follow these simple steps:


Draw the outline of an animal (or print off an outline of an animal from the internet).


 Use a ruler to split the animal into sections.


 Fill some shapes with red, yellow, blue and black. Remember to only use these four colours.