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Wednesday 10th June

English: Picture and questions



  1. Where do the bubbles take her?
  2. Do they always take her to the same place?
  3. How does she get back?
  4. Can she control where the bubbles take her?
  5. Which is heavier, a balloon or a bubble?
  6. Has this lady been somewhere with the bubbles before?
  7. Can you think of your own question?


Sentence Challenge:

Write as many sentences that include expanded noun phrases as you can from this picture.


Picture Challenge:

Think carefully about where the bubble might be taking her. Think about what she would see when she gets there. Can you write or draw what you have imagined?

Maths: Measuring mass (grams)



For our maths today, you might as a family do some baking or cooking following a recipe and weighing out your ingredients. Make sure you are in charge of reading the scales! I have included a lovely recipe for you to try. I know some ingredients can be tricky to find at the moment, so don't panic if you are unable to manage this. Instead, just complete the sheets below to read scales in grams.




Art: Piet Mondrian

Today we are going to do some artwork based on the art of Piet Mondrian. Mondrian used to paint by drawing lots of straight lines that made rectangles and squares. He would only paint with blue, red, yellow and black. 



As we have been learning about classifying animals, today we are going to paint/colour some animals in the style of Mondrian. For example:







In order to paint like Mondrian, just follow these simple steps:


Draw the outline of an animal (or print off an outline of an animal from the internet).


Use a ruler to split the animal into sections.


Fill some shapes with red, yellow, blue and black. Remember to only use these four colours.