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A printable version of todays learning is provided here...

English- Comprehension

The Invisible Man 

Using this picture, can you answer the questions below.

1.)Why is today the most important day of his life? What is supposed to be happening?


2.)Who is ‘he’?  


3.)What has happened to him?  


4.)When did it happen?        


5.)What caused him to finally realise what happened?  


6.)How will he find help?   


7.)Why is he wearing gloves?   


8.)What will he do next?   


9)Have a go at writing the content of the letter



Sentence challenge

Adverbs describe how something is done. They make a sentence better by adding detail to the verb.                                                                                                                                                 

For example:                                                                                                                                          

The pen scribbled frantically across the page.

Can you add an adverb to the following sentences to add detail to the verb?


The man dashed from room to room. __________________________________________________________________________________


He wrote on the paper.    __________________________________________________________________________________


He stared into the mirror.   __________________________________________________________________________________


His heart pumped inside his chest. __________________________________________________________________________________

Maths- Hundredths

Topic- Art focus: Pointillism 

Pointillism is often considered part of the Post-impressionist movement. It was primarily invented by painters George Seurat and Paul Signac. While Impressionists used small dabs of paint as part of their technique, Pointillism took this to the next level using only small dots of pure colour to compose an entire painting!


Georges Seurat. A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. 1884-1886.

We are going to have a go at making our very own pieces of art using this style of painting. You can even give it a go using felt tip pens. I have provided a video showing how to achieve this technique using cotton buds to create this effect.


Cotton Bud Pointillism | Art for Children

Here is some inspiration and a list of what you might need and how you can start creating your painting…

What you will need:

  • Pencil to make a sketch with.
  • Paint, watercolours, or felt-tip pens
  • Surface to paint on- a canvas, carboard, card, or paper (you could even use the back of a cereal box.
  • Optional- Cotton swabs to make paint dots with


Steps to create your piece of art:

  • Start by thinking of the subject you would like to draw. You can draw anything you like: a nature scene, portrait, flowers, animals, a sunset, a piece of fruit or vegetables.
  • Sketch this out on your paper/canvas/cardboard.
  • Use cotton buds to paint in your sketch- do not mix your colours! If you need a purple car, use blue and red dots to paint the car in. Play around with colours and have fun! 😊