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Virtual Sports Week

Sports Week Results!

This week's activities: 

Remember every challenge completed earns a point for your house!

You don't have to complete an activity on the day it was set.  All entries count up until Friday evening.  To catch up on the activities from the beginning of the week see our home learning page:


To see the whole school House Point totals go to:


Friday Activities:


Activity One: plank, jog, cycle

Plank for 1 minute, jog on the spot for 5 minutes, walk/cycle round the garden or park for 10 minutes.  If the weather is horrible then you might need to jog on the spot and cycle your legs in the air!



Activity Two: circuit time 

Make yourself up a series of activities (jumps, steps, shadow boxing etc) and then visit the different stations.  You can make yours as weird and wacky as you like or you can use Ella’s design for inspiration!