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Leavers' 2020

Hello welcome to the page dedicated to our Leavers of 2020.


I know that the children have missed out on a lot of the activities and rights of passage that we consider synonymous with the end of primary school and I feel so sad for their loss.


However, I would like to try and make these last few weeks of their time at Westonzoyland as special for them as we can.


I have spent many hours sorting through every photograph on our system since 2011 (some of the children went to pre-school here) and have found as many photos of them all as I can.  My intention is to upload different lots of different albums of photographs (I think I have about 15 albums of different sizes already) between now and the end of term.


I have also started planning a Leaver's picnic for Friday 17th July.  More details on this will follow, but if you have any brilliant (and safe) ideas to make this event extra special then do email me.


How can you get involved?

  • Do you have any photos of your little one going through the school?  If so, email them in.  This is particularly important if your child stated at the school in a later year group as I won't have any early pictures of them.  I am happy to upload as many pictures as you send so feel free to go wild - they can have an album each if necessary.
  • Later on I am going to ask the children to record any memories or things they would like to say.  I will upload these on the site, but I will also try and make them into a disk that we can play at our picnic to make it as Leaver's Assembly like as possible.
  • Keep thinking!  This is the first time we have done anything like this and I am really open to any safe and manageable suggestions to make the end of term really special for our amazing Leavers.


Please feel free to share the link to this page with any friends and family who would enjoy looking through the pictures and seeing the children's memories.  I will endeavour to make all of the ones that I have found available to you all at the end of term.