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Good morning all,

I hope you’re all well! Thank you to all of you who are continuing to work really hard on TTRS, it’s such fantastic mental maths practise – well done!

Below your SPAG work Miss Crowe has kindly added a great Book Token Competition. You have a bit of time to complete the design and I would love to see lots of Ospreys enter.

Miss Grant x



Now that you’ve got a good plan for your underwater city and you know how it works, I’d like you to imagine that you are the Head of the Tourist Board and it’s your responsibility to get people to come and visit your city. You need to create a brochure- this is a leaflet with information about your city for people planning holidays. Where is it? Why should we visit? Where can we stay? What/who could we see? How do we get there? Are there any special offers?


Features to remember:

· Conjunctions to link ideas (e.g. however, therefore, because)

· Persuasive devices: Agreement (e.g. obviously, without doubt)

· Interesting adjectives

  • Rhetorical questions



Can you remember what cubed or squared numbers are? Watch the video here to remind you. Once you have watched the video, scroll down to complete the task and the Quiz.

Fancy some extra practise? Click on the link below. Year 5s there is some cubed and squared number practise for you and Year 4s there are some extra multiplication games for you.

Topic – Science

Over the next 2 days, I would like you to carry out a scientific experiment. Your first steps today are to understand, plan and set up your experiment. Tomorrow we will carry it out and see what we find. Use this document to help you understand and plan.