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Good morning Ospreys,

I hope you are getting on okay with your spelling words. If you haven’t looked at them for a while, try to choose 5 spellings from your list and pick one of the activities in your Home Learning Log to complete. If you have lost your copy of the spelling words and the activities then please find them in the ‘Useful documents’ folder.

Tomorrow is our next Zoom call (yaaay) so as usual I'll send out an email with the information on today. smiley As always, I hope to see lots of you there!!

Have a lovely day,

Miss Grant x



Refer back to the animation from yesterday...

You have just found Dad's old diary in the garage, in diary style, write about one of the adventures that he went on with his Dad when he was young. Don’t forget to use first person! (I, me, we) Tell me about it in detail, I want to know exactly what you saw, what you ate, what you spoke about and how you felt along the way. 



Today we are going to carry on with our Roman Numeral practise. Remember those key numerals from yesterday and have a go at one of these challenges – good luck!

Topic – Geography

In a warm up to my Picture Quiz tomorrow, today I have a Geography activity for you: