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Good morning Osprey class!

I hope you all had a lovely Monday yesterday and that you're all getting excited about our water fight and picnic on Friday - I certainly am!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday and if you've got a spare 10 minutes, don't forget to run through those 7s and 8s times tables!

Miss Grant blush



I would like you to think of a place that you love to visit! Whether it is a place that you haven't been able to go to for a while, a place that you miss or a place that you would like to visit in the future. Can you design a brochure for your place of interest? Make sure it is full of facts and is very eye-catching. 



Year 4s, today we are going to be completing symmetrical shapes. Remember it will look like a reflection in a mirror rather than it moving across to the other side. 

Year 5s, today we are going to be looking at 3D shapes, including nets! Do you know what a net is? Click here to find out:

Topic - Geography

In Geography today, we are learning about volcanoes! These are always very fascinating to learn about and make us realise how lucky we are that we don't live on a tectonic plate boundary!! Have a look here to learn more:


Now have a go at this activity: