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Tuesday 14th July



Today’s activity is about nouns, verbs & adjectives.

Read the words in the table below, then sort them in to the correct groups (either copy them or cut and stick).



*CHALLENGE – Choose a word from each column and write them into one sentence which makes sense. How many different sentences can you write?


Reading/ Writing activity


Yesterday we started our writing challenge where we will be writing about a topic that we know lots of information about. You chose your topic and created a mind map of the facts that you know. (Hopefully your mind map was full of information!)

Today you are going to organise your information in to a plan. Look at this plan below – Can you use this to make a plan of your own?




Work out the answers to these division calculations. Try and do this mentally :)



Today we are going to continue learning about 2d shapes. Tell an adult the names of the 2d shapes that you know. Can you remember how many sides each shape has? Can you remember how many vertices (corners) each shape has?

Activity 1: Fill in the missing information on this table.


*CHALLENGE – Can you add any more 2d shapes to this table?

Activity 2:






Other subjects (topic work/ foundation subjects)


Today we are learning all about ‘habitats’. Watch this video to learn what a habitat is:

Let’s think about a rock pool habitat.

What creatures might live in a rock pool? Can you draw a picture of a rock pool and label the creatures that you might find?


If you can, visit the rock pools at the beach (check the tide times before you go!). What creatures can you find? Take some photos and send them to me!


*CHALLENGE – Read the fact cards below about rock pool creatures to find out more!

Rock pool habitats