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Tuesday 7th July


Today’s activity is about adverbs.



Watch BOTH clips to remind you what adverbs are and how we use them. 

Underline the adverbs in the following sentences.


*CHALLENGE – Can you write your own sentences using any of these adverbs?


Reading/ Writing activity

Read the explanation text (below) which is all about rainbows. Try and read it yourself, but if it’s too tricky you could take it in turns with an adult.

Now that you have read the information explaining about rainbows, look again at the notes you wrote yesterday. What have you learnt about rainbows since then? Use this template to write about what you have learnt about rainbows:


Watch here for a bit more information! 




Today’s activities are all about the number 15.




Today’s activities are all about Pictograms. A pictogram uses pictures to represent data, rather than tallies (lines) like in a tally chart. Here is an example of a pictogram:


A pictogram to show the number of mini beasts found in a garden



Activity 1: Use the tally chart to complete the missing information in the pictogram below.

Activity 2:






Other subjects (topic work/ foundation subjects)


Chance to shine cricket: Lesson 1 – Cool Catcher (Hint: The bigger the ball the easier to catch)

Chance to shine cricket: Lesson 2 – Brilliant Bowler (Hint: The bigger the target the easier it is)