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Good morning Ospreys,

I hope you had a lovely Monday yesterday! blush A very big well done to Isobel for making the most of TTRS! Let's see if we can get a few more of you on there today!

Make sure you look out for my exciting email today about Friday 10th July!! I hope you can all make it!!

Good luck with your bridge building!

Miss Grant x



Today in English, we are sticking with the theme of planets. I would like you to write a short story that is set on a made up planet. Think about what your planet is like, who lives there, what would you find there and what the climate's like. I have attached a planning sheet to help you if you would like it.


Year 4s, today we are going to recap parallel and perpendicular lines. Here is a video that will help you remember if you have forgotten!

Year 5s, last Friday I challenged you to extend yourself to try and measure some angles; today we are going to have another go at this. 

Here are some online activities for you to have a go at: 





If you do have a protractor at home, maybe you could have a go at measuring these:

Topic - DT

Using materials from around your house, have a go at building your own bridge.

It needs to be strong enough to hold up an object like a toy vehicle, so click on the link to find out about strong shapes and structures, then try to add this into your design.



You can plan out and evaluate your bridge using the worksheets at the bottom.