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Tuesday 9th June

English: Grammar


For your grammar lesson this week we will be focusing on inverted commas. Inverted commas are used to separate what is being said from the rest of a sentence .Watch the link below to get a real understanding of how and when to us inverted commas.

Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks (KS2)

Now complete the following challenges:



Maths: Showing hundreths in fractions and decimals


Today we are going to be looking at how we show hundredths in fractions and decimals. Hundreths are smaller than 1 whole. We need 100 hundreths to make 1 whole. In school we normally us a place value grid to help us identify hundredths as decimals. Therefore, feel free to create your own place value chart to help you.


An Introduction to Hundredths



Geography: Volcanoes

After learning all about Mountains last week, this week I'd like you to learn all about volcanoes! Watch the clip to learn how a volcano is formed:

Now check out this clip to learn about the most famous volcanoes in the world!

Use your volcano knowledge to answer the following questions:


Why not make your own volcanic eruption using this cool science experiment! Don't forget to record and send in the results!