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Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Kestrels! Today we have some expanded noun phrases for English and some problem solving with money in maths. For topic, we are going to look at volcanoes and how they are formed. I wonder if anyone can make their own volcanic explosion? Don't forget to also check out the Virtual Sports Week page for some further activities smiley

English: Grammar, Expanded noun phrases

We are amazing at these in Kestrel class, I am sure you will not have a problem with today's task.

We use expanded noun phrases for description and specification for example, the blue butterfly or the plain flour.

In class we like to make them even more exciting by adding two adjectives. For example, the gigantic, green troll or the enchanted, peaceful river. Be careful you are putting in your punctuation correctly too – look at where I have put my comma.


Use this link for more information:


Task 1: Here is a picture of Dave the troll – use as many expanded noun phrases as you can to describe his appearance:



Task 2: Here is a picture of Dave’s Cave – Use as many expanded noun phrases as you can to not only describe what you see, but what could be inside:



Task 3 Can you write some sentences that include your expanded noun phrases?


Maths: Problem solving and reasoning



There are 4 different ice cream flavours available at the shop: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mint. Imagine I brought you a ‘double cone’ – that’s two scopes of ice-cream.


Task 1:

  1. How many different possibilities are there to choose from? Be careful as: ‘Vanilla and Mint’ is the same as ‘Mint and Vanilla’
  2. How do you know you have found all the possibilities?



Task 2:

Look at the Ice Cream Shop Menu.

A scope of Ice-Cream is £1.





Calculate the costs:

  1. 2 scopes of vanilla with a double cone and a flake.
  2. Draw what coins you would use.
  3. 1 scope of strawberry, a cone, strawberry sauce and sprinkles.
  4. If I paid with a £5 note, how much change would I have?
  5. Draw 2 different ways I could be given the change.
  6. A tub with mint and vanilla ice, chocolate sauce and a flake.
  7. Would I be able to pay for this with a £5 note, if so how much change would I have.
  8. I brought an ice cream with a flake. I was charged £3.75, what else did I have on top of my ice-cream?
  9. I was changed £3.50 – what could I have brought with the money?
  10. Design an ice-cream for each member of your family and draw what coins you would use to pay for it.

Geography: Volcanoes

After learning all about Mountains last week, this week I'd like you to learn all about volcanoes! Watch the following video to learn how a volcano is formed;

Volcanoes for Kids | How Volcanoes Work | Earth Science

Now check out this clip to learn about the most famous volcanoes in the world!

Use your volcano knowledge to answer the following questions: 


Why not try and make your own volcanic eruption using this cool science experiment! Don'f forget to record the result!