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Thursday 4th June

Good morning Kestrels! It's Thursday already, how did that happen! This week has flown by in school and we have been super busy! Thank you to all of those that sent in your best wishes for this week, it is all going smoothly at school and all of the anxieties about how it would all work are all gone! 


Today we have some reading comprehension for English- it is a slightly more challenging text so you might find it a little trickier today. We also have some more money for Maths, and a science lesson on classification of animals. I hope you all have a lovely day! smiley

English: Reading Comprehension


Read the following text and answer the questions below:


CHAPTER 1 Through the undergrowth, in the dusky night sky, skulked a fierce nasty beast preparing to pounce on his unsuspecting prey. He believed he owned this territory. All creatures bowed down to his greatness – they cowered in his presence and acted upon his every purr. Once he had terrorised all creatures great and small, he slithered back to his indulgent castle, scratched his talons upon the plush rug and curled up for his slumber to begin. His castle was like no other...risen high above the Earth suspended in thin air on a cloud. No expense had been spared on the quality of the furnishings, wooden and strong; extensive gardens provided exercise and shelter and the quality of the food was simply exquisite. From this position on the cloud he looked down on all the earthlings fighting for space on the tiny planet below. He basked in the heat of a spherical fire ball and watched the wonders of shooting stars and asteroids for entertainment. High above the sky he felt like the Ruler of the Universe.


What type of creature do you think is being described? Pick out words to help you? __________________________________________________________________________________


What do think was keeping him warm? __________________________________________________________________________________


Where is this creature? (Please circle) In the sky, In the ocean, In his house, In the playground


What do you think the word slithered means? __________________________________________________________________________________



What time of day is the story taking place? (Please circle)  In the morning, At dusk, At tea time, In the evening.



How do you feel about this character so far? Why? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


And then he woke up! Kasper K. Itty was a cat and a fat one at that! A round, ginger fur ball that lived with his master, Old Rufus Rule, in a dusty cottage on the edge of a spooky wood. Daily, lazy Kasper mooched around the house, ignoring the mischievous mice and eating stale misshapen biscuits. Old Rufus rocked in his chair by the open fire watching a square box on the wall. Kasper was Rufus’ only friend and he loved him dearly; unfortunately this love was not reciprocated. He allowed Kasper to wander each room of the house, looking for somewhere soft to sleep, which he did for at least ten hours each day.



What is the square box on the wall? (Please circle)  A cupboard, A fridge, A television, A picture.


Do Kasper and Rufus like each other? (Please circle) Yes No


Can you explain your reasons from the text above?



(The chapter is taken from ‘The Amazing Adventures of Dexter and Dood – The Puzzle by S.Hill)

Maths: Money- Summer Holiday shopping!




Here is some of the items I have been looking for, ready for my holiday. Answer the questions below to help me out:

      1. Drawing either coins or notes (or both) – how might I pay for each item?
      2. How much would it cost if I brought the sunglasses and sun cream?
      3. How much would it cost if I brought the dress and hat?
      4. How much would it cost if I brought the towels and the bucket?
      5. If I brought 2 bucket sets, how much would I left over if I paid with a £10 note?
      6. If I brought 2 sun creams, draw what coins and notes I might use.
      7. Find a different way of paying for the 2 sun creams.
      8. I have £20 – I want to be able to buy as much as possible – which items could I buy, and would I have any change?
      9. I paid with a £10 note and didn’t get any change back. Which two items did I buy?

Science: vertebrates and invertebrates

Animals can be classified as either vertebrates or invertebrates.

Watch the film on BBC Bitesize and/or use the PowerPoint to find out what an invertebrate is.



Invertebrates are animals that don't, have a backbone.

Some have soft bodies, like worms, slugs. and jellyfish.

Other invertebrates, like insects, spiders, and crustaceans, have a hard-outer casing called an exoskeleton. This protects their body a bit like a suit of armour.



Watch the video on BBC Bitesize and/or use the PowerPoint to find out what a vertebrate is.

Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone inside their body. The major groups include fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.