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Happy Thursday Ospreys!

Tomorrow is Quiz day! I will send out an email today with the details for our call. Again, it will be at 11am so I hope to see lots of you there!

Also, I would love some book recommendations to add to our website so let me hear them. What have you been reading over lockdown that you have really enjoyed?

Miss Grant x




Finally, today I would like you to write a short story set in your underwater city? You could create rival characters who live within your city or create a rival city, against whom they battle for supremacy.


Features to remember:

· Descriptive features to describe setting and characters.

· A problem with varying sentence length to add suspense.

· An ending that resolves or leaves a cliff hanger.

  • Dialogue between characters with the correct punctuation.


Today we are going to be looking at finding the area of shapes. Can you remember what area is?

Topic – Computing

Think about how technology is used within our community.  Where will you find today’s technology being used? (Eg. Supermarket, Theatre, Fire Station, Hospital, School, Museum, Post Office, transport). List the technologies that could be used in each building. How does the technology help us or make our lives easier?