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Happy Thursday lovely Ospreys!

Today is the last day of home learning this week due to the bank holiday tomorrow, therefore I will be uploading work again on Monday morning. Please do drop me an email to let me know how you have got on at home this week!

If you’re looking for something to do over the long weekend, maybe have a look at the Time Capsule booklet that I posted last week or a few of the extra VE day activities from yesterday.




In English today, I have uploaded a Reading Comprehension task for you; there are three levels (check the stars on the bottom). Remember to try and answer in full sentences and don't forget those capital letters, full stops and apostrophes. I have also added the answer sheets to help you mark them.


Today we are going to recap our negative number work. Use this link to find a reminder video:

Under the video, find Activity 1 (ordering numbers), Activity 2 (the quiz) and Activity 3 (the worksheets). There is also an answer sheet for you to check your answers. 

Remember you can always draw a number line to help you!

Topic - Science

Another video for you to look at:

Now have a look at these fossils, can you work out which ones are which?