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Thursday 7th May

Morning all! How did it get to Thursday already?! 


As tomorrow is a bank holiday and I know lots of you are doing your VE day celebrations, I will not be uploading any work. There is a VE day project on the weekly overview page if you want to keep busy though!


I have also included some problem solving activities in Maths that would have been for tomorrow, so feel free to split it up and do one of them tomorrow instead. For English, you could do one of the 'picture of the day' tasks too! 


Today, we have some reading comprehension for English and some number line work for maths. Anyone that was on story time yesterday was asked to draw a picture of their pet to send in. If you don't have a pet, don't worry, draw me a picture of the pet you would like to have (I'd really like a pet teacup pig but Mr Bell said no!)


I have also set an additional reading challenge- it would be great to get lots of videos of you reading stories for our story corner!


Have a great day! smiley

English: Reading Comprehension

First read the following extract about Liam the Park keeper.





Once you have read the text answer the questions below. I have told you which page of the text to look at to find the answer. 


Page One

1. What is Liam’s job? 

2. Give one reason Liam would enjoy his job. 

3. Which area of the park does Liam keep particularly nice for visitors?

4. Liam can find his work difficult. Find one word that tells you that Liam’s work is difficult. 


Page Two

5. Why are the flowers planted in the Spring? 

6. What is the main job in the Summer? 



8. What does the winter frost help to do? 

9. What season comes after autumn? 


10. If you got the chance to ask Liam some questions. What would you ask him? (Remember to use a capital letter and a question mark)


Maths: Identify, represent and estimate numbers on a number line





We use number lines to help us with lots of different things such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I am sure there might be more. Today we are going to use of place value knowledge to estimate where on the number line we would find a number.



 Work out what number this number line is going up in and label it.


Can you place where these numbers would go: 15, 25, 55, 99, 1, 48.



Number lines do not always start from 0 though. Look at this number line going from 30 – 50.

Can you place these numbers: 40, 45, 32, 49, 38.



What does this numberline go from?

Place: 55, 60, 70, 85, 90, 95, 98, 53.





As we do not have any home learning tomorrow for VE day, I have included the problem solving questions we would have done.


Problem Solving

Here are some reasoning questions. The answers are not always obvious and requires some brain power!






Extra reading challenge

For today's final challenge I would like you to head over to our story corner and check out the new story that is available, 'You can’t take an elephant on the bus' by Patricia Cleveland-Peck. This story was read by the lovely Miss Hurley.


Your challenge today is to make your own video of you reading your favourite story for our story corner! Don't worry about getting all of the pictures in like Miss Hurley did, the video can be of you reading just like a teacher! I can't wait to see them! smiley