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Thursday 16th July



Today we are going to learn about -ed and -ing suffixes. Watch the following video to find out more.

Read these sentences:


Correct the underlined words by adding a suffix.

*Remember – When we add the suffixes –ed and –ing, some words drop the ‘e’ and some words double the consonant. (watch the video to help you)



Reading/ Writing activity


Did you find the words ‘rain’ and ‘bow’? Do you know what a word that is made up of two words is called? It’s called a compound word.


Read this list of words




Can you double all the numbers from 0 to 10? E.g. Double 5 is 10.

*Challenge – Can you double all the numbers from 11 to 20?



Today we are going to be sorting 2d shapes into groups.

Here’s a challenge for you to do first though. Talk to an adult about this pattern. What would the next shape in the pattern be? Can you explain how you know?


Can you draw or make your own pattern using 2d shapes? How did you create your pattern?



Activity 1: Here is an example of something called a Carroll diagram which we use to sort shapes in to groups:


 Can you sort shapes using a Carroll diagram? The following link is for a game which you can use to practise sorting shapes (it has 4 different levels!)


Activity 2: Here is an example of a Venn diagram which we also use to sort shapes. This is made using two overlapping circles:


Where the circles overlap, the shapes in the middle must meet both sets of criteria e.g. for this Venn diagram the shapes must be orange and have 3 sides.

Now it’s your turn. Draw the shapes into the correct place on the Venn diagram:

Can you add more shapes into the Venn diagram?

*CHALLENGE: Can you create your own Carroll Diagram or Venn Diagram to sort some objects that you have at home? *Important – you must label how you have sorted your objects so that I can see if you’ve sorted them correctly :)





Other subjects (topic work/ foundation subjects)


This week, we are going to research significant individuals in black history. These people are very significant to the history of our country and the world.

This history is all the more important in current times because of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement which you have probably heard about on the news. We are going to learn some of the history and experiences of many black people around the world.

Today, we would like you to research a significant lady called Rosa Parks. Watch this video sharing the story of Rosa Parks.

Here are some other useful websites:


I would like you to create a fact file about Rosa Parks using what you have learnt. Here is a template to help you.