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Good morning Osprey class,

I can't believe it's Thursday again already! 

Remember to look out for my email about tomorrow's Zoom call. blush

Take care,

Miss Grant


English – Creative writing

Today I would like you to write a short story. Can you challenge yourself to use a range of interesting sentence starters, some speech and don't forget to check those apostrophes that we practised yesterday! I would like your story to start like this:


Today we are all going to have a look at the different types of triangles and learn how to identify them. Click on this link to watch a short video about their differences!

Topic - Geography

Today we are going to be looking at climate zones! A climate zone is: an area with a distinct weather pattern eg. polar or tropical. Click on the link to find a video explaining climate zones; there are also some good definitions that might help with your glossary.

Now have a go at the activity below: