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Hello and welcome to Thursday.


A few messages before we get going.  Tomorrow's maths is a printed sheet, so if you don't have access to a printer then I can print you a copy for you to collect from school.  Miss Grant is going to give copies to the children who are in school today to take home.  I will be going through this sheet in my 10:00 Zoom tomorrow.  I have already sent out an email link for this.


Today I will send out an email about our usual Friday Zoom.  We are doing a weird and wonderful animal facts activity.  I couldn't think of an activity to do with pets (as requested by the children) I'm afraid, but if they want to have their pet present for the Zoom then they are welcome to!


Now on to today.  I have the Sports Week activities below.  They are really easy ones today, so even if you have never tried one, today is a great day to have a go.  Remember, every point counts!


Today's topic is the Anglo Saxons and I have included some bonus activities that I thought you might like - including some Anglo Saxon colouring sheets.

Virtual Sports Week:


Thursday Activities:


Activity One: Potato and spoon race!

A take on the  classic egg and spoon race. 

Mark out your route, put a potato on a spoon, and make your way to the finish line...


Activity Two: Water Bottle Flip

How many times can you flip your water bottle to land facing upright in 60 seconds?!


Topic: History - Anglo-Saxon art and culture

There are also some bonus activities underneath.

Wellbeing: Thursday Journal