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Thursday 11th June


Good Morning all! Well this week has really flown by! So far, I haven't received any sports week activities from Kestrel Class. I hope that this is because you are at hope perfecting them! Don't worry if not, we will satrt off with making a badge for your house team today. Tomorrow, I am going to set the rest of your Virtual Sports week activities instead of the usual Maths and English so that we can get some entries and a few more points!

Have a great day today! smiley


English: Reading Comprehension


Read the following extract and answer the questions below:



Mollie and Robin Careless are playing in the garden of their new house on the edge of town. Their housing estate has been built on fields just outside of the town.


Mum calls out, “Do you want to go out for a picnic today?



“Yes please,” shouts Mollie.

“Can we go to the pond in the country?” asks Robin, “I want to try out my new fishing rod.”


“And I want to collect some animals because we’re doing animals at school.” Adds Mollie.


So, Dad packs the picnic while Mum puts all the things in the back of the car. It’s only a short walk to the pond but they have quite a lot to carry so they take the car to make life easier.

When they arrive at the pond, Robin takes out his fishing rod. He tries to catch fish but all he manages to get is an old can and a lump of weed. His line gets tangled up and after trying to untangle it for a couple of minutes he gives up and cuts the hook off.


Mollie has been looking at a nest in a tree that had some eggs in it. She couldn’t quite reach the nest, so she went to look at the pond.


“Robin,” shouts Mollie, “Look I’ve found some tadpoles and some frogspawn.” She scoops out the animals and puts them in a jar by the side of the pond.


“Lunch is ready.” Says Mum.


“You’re having crisps, yoghurt and cans of coke with your sandwiches,” says Dad. “Unfortunately, I’m on a diet so all I’ve got is a tin of fruit cocktail.”


After lunch, Robin picks up all the rubbish and takes it to the rubbish bin by the side of the pond. The bin is full, so he just leaves the rubbish by the side of the bin.


After finishing the picnic in the sunshine, the family drives home.




  • Where were Molly and Robin playing before Mum called them?


  • Where did Robin want to go?


  • Why do they go in the car and not walk?


  • What is Mollie learning about at school?


  • Does Robin manage to catch any fish?


  • What does Robin catch instead?


  • There were some eggs in a nest in the tree. What could the eggs be?


  • What did Mollie find in the pond?


  • Using your science knowledge – what is the difference between frogspawn and tadpoles?





Robin went to put the rubbish in the bin, but it was full, so she put it at the side. Do you think that was the right thing to do? If not, what could she have done instead?






Maths: Measuring Mass (kg)

Still image for this video



To start today's lesson I would like you to find 5 random objects in your house and order them from the heaviest to the lightest. Now get someone else in your family to find you two more objects and add these into your order correctly estimating the weight. Now complete the following sheet:


Virtual Sports Week

For today's final task, I would like you to get ready for virtual sports week! Please create a team badge that celebrates your house. Remember to use your house team colours and make the badge as bright and engagu=ing as you can. If you send in your designs, you can win points for your team, so make sure you send them in to me to claim your points (especially in you are in Swell Wood! wink)