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Thursday 30th April

Good morning everyone! 

I had a very busy day yesterday, so I apologise for not being able to get back to all of you. I promise to respond to all of your emails and upload all of your photos today if I haven't already. I am very excited to have received my first YouTuber workout from Danny and I am very keen to share it with all of you! 


Today we have some reading comprehension for English and some problem solving in maths. Please check out our 'picture of the day' section for some creative writing too- I have had some lovely bits of writing sent through! 


It was great to see so many of you at our storytime yesterday! There were so many of you that it was pretty hectic. We will try and make sure you all know how to 'mute' your mics next time (and how to unmute them when you want to ask a question!) so that everyone can hear what is going on. I know Mrs Deabill was really pleased to see you all too! 


Have a great day today smiley

English: Reading Comprehension

Please read the following extract, answering the questions as you go along. Remember to refer back to the text in your answer! 



My Big Brother JJ

I was happy. My brother JJ was happy. It was nearly half term. Then Mum rushed into the room.

“JJ! Jasmine! I need to talk to you about next week. I know it is holiday time, but I have to go to work,” she said. “I need to know that you can be a good girl for JJ. He will be in charge.”


1.Why was JJ looking after Jasmine?

2.Who is telling the story?


On Monday, we had a very good day. We went to the fair in the park. I won a huge, pink teddy. On Wednesday, we went to the circus in a big tent. It was so lovely! We saw acrobats swinging high above our heads. On Friday, JJ said, “Let’s do something for Mum. She has been working all week.”

“Can we do a picture in the garden?” I asked.

3. Match these up to show what Jasmine and JJ did each day.



4. What did Jasmine and JJ see at the circus?


“Let’s find the paints,” said JJ.

“Can we paint the shed wall?” I asked.

“Yes,” said JJ. “It is a really boring colour!” JJ fetched the steps. He said, “These steps are a bit wobbly. I will paint the top bit.” He climbed up and painted a basketball net and a red ball going into it. I painted some beautiful flowers and some grass.


5. Why did JJ agree to paint the garden wall?


6. Why did JJ paint the top of the shed?


7. Draw a picture of what the garden shed would look like when JJ and Jasmine had finished.

Now why not try this quiz about the chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate factory that we read yesterday!


Maths: Problem solving



Now you have mastered reading scales, try these problem solving questions. Remember, you may need to think hard for these type of questions.



This is Wizard William and Witch Lucy’s lab. They are mixing potions and need your help finding the correct ones. Try and answer the following questions about the potions. 



  1. Wizard William uses 2 ingredients. His potion measures to exactly 30ml. Which 2 ingredients did he use?
  2. Witch Lucy is mixing her potion and uses 3 ingredients. Her potion adds up to 12ml. Which ingredients did she use?
  3. Wizard William makes a disappearing potion that is 66ml. He used 3 different ingredients, what did he use?
  4. Witch Lucy made a mind reading potion. She used one potion 6 times. The potion measured at 12ml – which potion did she use?
  5. If you put together the disappearing potion and the mind reading potion, it creates part of a new secret spell, but how much would that measure?
  6. Wizard Lucy only needs ½ of teacher tears and ¼ of dawn dew to make things float. How much would this potion weigh?
  7. Can you make up your own question to ask a friend?


Now why not try one of these 'measuring scales' games on your computer to test your knowledge:

V.E. Day drawing challenge


We have been asked by the Royal British Legion to take part in a local Schools' drawing competition to celebrate VE Day 75th Anniversary on Friday 8th May.

The British Legion had planned a big celebration for this date but sadly they have had to postpone it, so this competition was a way for them to reach out to the community and engage with all of you guys.


To enter the competition you need to draw a picture depicting the day 75 years ago when WW2 officially ended in Europe.

Please can you email all entries to me by Friday 8th May and then I will send them on for judging.

There will be a KS1 and KS2 winner across all the schools taking part and they will win a £25 book voucher each.



Here are some British Legion resources:


Here is a link to learn more about VE day: