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Team Mascot


Thank you Hollie for sending in your fantastic mascot design, I love how you have incorportaed your teams colours into your mascots clothing! She looks determined, strong and rearing to go! Sophie I can see the hard work that you have put into designing your mascot! I love the colours and powerful, bold look alongside the slogan strong and mighty.



Grey Lake

Thank you Ella for your awesome mascot design, we love the colours you have used, the big G to represent your team on the shirt and your mascot name 'Blue Bear'. Libby 



Archie, thank you for your entry, Cheetos are my favourite too!  Daniel I love that your mascot is peaceful, but fast. You have clearly focused and worked hard to create your mascots, Cheeto and Coronical. 



India, I love your mascots Swelly the Snake and that you have incorporated your snake into your shield for your house. Jed, you have created a fantastic mascot and I love that you have used his top hat and cane to support the art of distraction. He is bold, bright and colourful. Well done!